Airgas chooses Velocity to install vehicle inspection system

Velociti Inc., mobile installation and deployment specialists, announced it has been selected to install Zonar Systems EVIR Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report Systems on Airgas NCN vehicles. The Company will be responsible for installing 150 Zonar Equipment Packages that include RFID zone tags, a vehicle handheld mount, Datatrac (RFID Hubometer) and Zonar’s GPS/GSM hardware on 150 vehicles in eighteen different locations throughout California and Nevada.
“We chose Velociti because they presented us with a very aggressive installation schedule and proved they could meet it,” stated Dale Harris, fleet manager for Airgas NCN. “Their teams of technicians are very flexible and have shown that they will work around our schedule in order to get the systems delivered without causing disruption to our daily operations.”
EVIR (Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report) is an RFID system that guides drivers through verified visual vehicle inspections by placing RFID tags in critical inspection zones. When the Zonar handheld reader is placed within 2-4 inches of the tag, the driver inspects the components listed in the zone. The system allows drivers to document their inspection observations electronically. Once the report is completed it is stored in the handheld and uploaded to Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control web site. The Zonar System is accepted by the FMCSA & meets or exceeds pre & post trip inspection requirements.