TeleNav improves routing for large mobile healthcare provider

TeleNav, Inc., a provider of TeleNav Track location-based services for mobile phones, announced that Seattle-based Swedish Medical Center’s Home Care Division has deployed TeleNav Track in its mobile workforce. The solution has cut down on time spent printing maps and driving between home visits. Swedish Medical Center is the largest not-for-profit provider of health care services to patients in Seattle’s residential areas.

Before deploying TeleNav Track, dispatchers in the office would call field workers on cell phones, send pages or even text messages during appointments to notify staff of schedule changes. These constant interruptions would take away from caregivers’ time spent with patients. The mobile workforce would often drive back to the headquarters to print Internet-based driving directions to new locations. The management team was also concerned that drivers were distracted reading maps while en route to the next location, increasing the potential safety and liability risks the organization faced.

“With appointments changing constantly, we needed a cost-effective solution to boost our results in the field and better use our employees’ in-home care efforts,” said Debby Ramundo, senior project manager at Swedish Medical Center’s Home Care Division. “Thanks to TeleNav Track, we have provided our clinicians with an effective tool that allows them to spend more time with patients and less time searching for directions.”

Swedish Medical Center uses TeleNav Track on approximately 200 Nextel phones from Sprint. TeleNav Track’s GPS navigation feature incorporates voice-activated, turn-by-turn directions on mobile phones, allowing employees to concentrate on the road without multitasking between reading printed directions and driving.