May International offers fleet management dashboards

Consulting firm May International in Park Ridge, Ill., is offering operators of truck fleets and other vehicles a new Management Dashboards technology, the same type of software used by Fortune 500 companies to display and monitor essential business activity and performance.

The product differs from other dashboard software because it’s specifically designed for use with QuickBooks and other common databases, the company says. In addition to monitoring financial metrics of sales, income, liabilities and profits, the Management Dashboards software from May International can display and track any type of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or data that a fleet manager can gather and place in a relational database. This includes vehicles available and in use; repair status; availability of drivers; hiring and training status; shipment schedules; operating costs per mile; deadheading and accident statistics. Dashboard information is accessible by authorized users from anywhere there is Internet access.

May International is offering the new technology through a partnership with iDashboards, Troy, Mich., which introduced the management system to large companies several years ago.

“Management Dashboards software provides business owners with the insight and understanding needed to make better and faster decisions by visually representing business data in real time,” said Israel Kushnir, president of family-owned May International consulting firm founded in 1925. “We’re excited to be partnering with the leader in this field to help small and mid-sized firms take advantage of technology previously available only to very large companies.”

May International consultants assist companies in establishing KPIs to be displayed. This may be data a company already is collecting into a database or it may be new measurements. The software is then programmed to convert the numerical data from an existing or new database into visual formats for display on computer screens.

The most widely used financial and accounting software at small and mid-sized businesses is QuickBooks from Intuit, Kushnir explained.

Management Dashboards is available from May International through the Internet at For additional information and for an online demo, e-mail or call 847-993-5443.