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International MaxxForce power ratings
International Truck and Engine Corp. has revealed the power and torque ratings for its MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 Class 8 engines, which the company says will be available by year’s end. Six MaxxForce big-bore models offer ratings of 330 to 475 hp and 1,250 to 1,700 lb.-ft. torque.

The efficiency and power characteristics of the MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 are made possible in part by a high-pressure common-rail fuel system, twin-series turbochargers with interstage cooler, and Eco-Therm, International’s heat-management system, according to the company. Eco-Therm features a multiple coolant circuit design managed by an electronically controlled coolant control valve.

The advanced fuel- and air-management systems of the MaxxForce engines provide instant response to reach peak torque at 1,000 rpm, which means earlier acceleration upshifts and fewer grade-climb downshifts, the company says. This keeps MaxxForce big-bore engines operating more often in the lower speed range for improved fuel economy.

International also announced:

  • Its flagship ProStar is available with Caterpillar’s new C13 engine beginning this summer, rounding out the Cummins and MaxxForce offerings previously announced; and
  • The ProStar will have a 113-inch bumper-to-back-of-cab dimension to complement the 122-inch BBC already available, as well as a wider range of cab roof heights.

International Truck and Engine Co.

High-torque 600-hp engine
Cummins Inc. has unveiled its most powerful ISX in years – a 600 hp engine with 2,050 lb.-ft. of peak torque – to be available beginning this fall. The company also announced production availability of the ComfortGuard auxiliary power unit (APU), as well as the approval of biodiesel B20 blends for use in its 2002 and later emissions-compliant ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC and ISB engines.

The high-performance ISX is designed for heavy-haul customers, fleets and owner-operators who specialize in expedited freight – as well as “performance enthusiasts” in the trucking industry. The additional torque allows for constant road speed, even on steep inclines, thereby reducing the number of downshifts and lowering driver fatigue. In addition to stronger pulling power, the ISX for 2007 also includes electric actuation on the patented VG Turbo, for improved engine response across the entire power range, Cummins says. The Intebrake system, an integrated compression brake that generates more than 600 braking horsepower, continues as standard equipment.

The ComfortGuard system features the ComfortGuard Cab Air system, which provides 12,000 BTU capacity in a space-saving evaporator section that mounts under the bunk. ComfortGuard also offers 4,000/8,000 BTU two-stage electric heat. The 120-volt power remains available from the APU receptacles for powering other loads while the heating and cooling system continues to run at full capacity, the company says.

Lighter air disc brake
Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake – a joint venture of Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Dana Corp. – has unveiled a lightweight package of its Bendix ADB22X air disc brake that it says could help weight-sensitive operations justify the selection of disc brakes over drum brakes. Peterbilt has added the ADB22X as an option on new on-highway truck builds.
The brake package features an aluminum hub and splined disc assembly that weighs up to 240 pounds less than drum brake configurations on a typical 6×4 tractor and up to 209 pounds less than other air disc brakes, according to the company. The aluminum assembly reduces rotor dynamic stresses, improves thermal balance and offers longer brake life, Bendix Spicer says.
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

Ratchet winch bar
Kinedyne says its new ratchet winch bar provides for safe, convenient tensioning and releasing of winch straps. It is designed to be operated from a comfortable, upright position to limit driver movement and reduce back strain. The bar attaches to the winch cap with a positive-locking device built to prevent it from slipping from the cap holes. Designed to work with most existing trailer winches, the bar effectively converts them into ratchet winches.

Spool housing, electric retrofit kit
Roll-Rite’s high-capacity tarp spool housing is designed for chip hauling trailers up to 53 feet in length. The housing is attached to the trailer bulkhead, and the tarp system arms sit below the top rail, so the system provides a completely clean trailer top rail and clear loading zone, the company says. The housing also is designed to be roomy enough to hold Roll-Rite’s pleated tarp design, a tarp expanding up to 10 feet wide to effectively cover heaped chip loads. According to the company, its standard full tarp spool housing for general truck and trailer applications is designed to hold up to 30 feet of its super tough mesh, while the new high-capacity tarp spool housing can hold up to 57 feet of the super tough mesh and up to 46 feet of its pleated super tough mesh. Roll-Rite says other benefits of the high-capacity product, as compared to its standard tarp spool housing, include half the installation time; no gussets required; use of only one-third of the fasteners
(2⁄3 less holes to drill); and no vertical height added to the trailer.

Roll-Rite also has developed an electric kit that can be retrofitted to run other electric tarping systems. A heavy-duty relay is the focus of the 10900 electric kit, which features silver alloy contacts and increased resistance to corrosion, according to the company. The 10900 also exceeds the 30-amp rating required to run Roll-Rite’s own electric tarp systems. Roll-Rite says its system is designed to reach peak performance at a lower amp draw, and without the need for heavy and expensive high-amp wire, but that the high-amp relay works better on competitive systems.

Winch for easier torque
Ancra International has unveiled the EZ Torque Winch, a gear drive winch that replaces the standard 34-inch winch bar with a 6-inch handle, allowing truckers to secure loads with a smooth, simple rotational motion, according to the company.

The EZ Torque Winch requires just one-third the amount of force needed to torque-tighten a load strap, Ancra says. The device will achieve about 1,500 pounds of tension on the webbing – the approximate tension needed to secure a load – with a few dozen rotations of its removable handle, after slack has been taken out of the straps. About 40 pounds of pressure is needed to achieve the 1,500 pounds of tension. The unit, made of zinc-plated steel, also facilitates faster load securement to save time, according to the company.

Ancra also has teamed up with Traction Technologies Inc. to manufacture, market and distribute Cinch, an air-powered winch. Because Cinch allows operators to tighten loads with just a two-button operation, more drivers, regardless of size or strength, will be able to secure loads, the companies say.
Ancra International

Fuel-free cab cooling system
Webasto says its NiteCool TCC-100 is an evaporative cooler that utilizes the natural temperature decrease that occurs during evaporation to provide alternative climate control for daycab operators forced to shut down while loading, unloading or waiting. The roof-mounted unit draws warm air from outside the cab, then circulates that air through a precooling chamber, after which it’s further cooled as warm air molecules naturally evaporate water molecules from the unit’s 7-gallon water tank. A blower circulates the more dense, cooler air throughout the cab.

The cooler, which takes about four hours to install, is capable of 600 to 1,600 watts of cooling power – equivalent on the low end to 2,047 BTUs, the company says. NiteCool TCC-100 is powered by the truck’s battery and uses minimal electricity, according to Webasto, and the 7-gallon water tank must be replenished with every 10 to 20 hours of use. The fan speed, cooling function and on-off switch are operated via an in-cab control module with accompanying remote control.

Chrome reefers, APUs
Carrier Transicold recently introduced new chrome packages for its reefer units and its auxiliary power units, and an exterior redesign of the X2-Series reefers. For the ComfortPro APU, Carrier offers a smooth chrome finish and a diamond-plate finish.

The X2-Series redesign, in addition to chrome options, includes doors made of DuraShell 2 material, which have triple the impact strength, double the ultraviolet light resistance, 50 percent better thermal stability and 20 percent better heat resistance, the company says.

X2-Series models are the only refrigeration units with hinged side doors that open all the way to the top, providing total access from each side door, according to Carrier; the front panels swing open from the center with a single latch release. The series also has several features designed to reduce sound.
Carrier Transicold

HVAC system runs on truck’s battery
Dometic Environmental Corp. has introduced an expanded series of all-electric auxiliary air conditioning solutions that run on 12-volt power from the trucks’ batteries. The all-electric HVAC systems are designed to provide clean, quiet and cost-effective cooling and heating without the need for a separate diesel auxiliary power unit. Since no separate diesel engine is required, they are quieter, use no fuel and produce no exhaust emissions, the company says.

The all-electric package includes a 7,000 or 10,000 BTU split or self-contained air-conditioning system, a DC-AC inverter, a high-capacity alternator and optional shorepower pass-through. The company says the inverter converts the 12-volt battery output into 120-volt AC power to drive the air conditioner; while the alternator, which replaces the existing engine-mounted alternator, keeps the batteries fully charged whenever the truck is running. The optional shorepower connection can recharge the batteries and run the air conditioner whenever an outside AC power hookup is available.

Dometic’s split-system design consists of a condenser/fan unit mounted outside the truck and a compact evaporator/compressor/blower unit inside the vehicle, with quick-connect refrigerant linesets. The two units both are factory-precharged with refrigerant so that the entire system is charged to the correct pressure automatically when the linesets are connected, according to the company.

The air conditioners can provide built-in electric heat, and also can be integrated with fossil-fuel heating systems for supplemental heat as needed, Dometic says.
Dometic Environmental Corp.

Tiny LEDs
New from Peterson Manufacturing is the Model 171 Series LED light, the tiniest-ever addition to the company’s Piranha line. Designed around a single diode, the 171 Series LED lights are about the size of the famous little Dots gumdrops — thus the company’s unofficial “Dot Lights” nickname for the product.

Regardless of their tiny size, the Dot Lights are powerful little performers, according to the company. Peterson says advanced optical engineering allows maximum LED brilliance to shine through in amber, red and clear white versions, meeting federal requirements for clearance/side marker/ID lights and utility applications.

At present, the Dot Lights come supplied with standard black rubber grommets that fit any 3⁄4-inch hole. Designed with an operating range of 8 to 16 volts, each Dot Light is hard-wired to prevent corrosion and lamp-plug failure. Peterson says its Piranha-brand LED quality ensures up to 100,000 hours of brilliant service.
Peterson Manufacturing

Lock for fuel tank
Robond says it can protect fuel and control tank vandalism with its Fuel Tank Lock, a patented security device that locks from inside the tank. The device uses the Abloy key system, which is used in many high-security facilities such as government buildings, ATM machines and airports, according to the company. The lock has been tested under severe climate and road conditions, Robond says.

‘Revolution’-ary flatbed
Fontaine Trailer has introduced an aluminum flatbed trailer that it says weighs less than 7,800 pounds and handles 60,000 pounds in just 4 feet. The Revolution features a sleek, aerodynamic shape designed to cut through the air with a premium drag coefficient; and friction-stir welding adds to the strength of the floor while reducing weight to allow for bigger payloads and more miles per gallon, Fontaine says.

The one-piece extruded aluminum siderail is built to withstand impact damage better than conventional designs, while an integrated load securement system is designed to make loading and unloading faster, better and much easier. A patent-pending main beam is made from extruded aluminum to eliminate welding between the web and the 12-foot flange, which is integral to the main beam and virtually eliminates flexing – even when the trailer is cornering under a full load, according to the company.

Fontaine also introduced the Infinity TX Twist Lock, which it describes as two trailers in one: an advanced-technology dropdeck trailer to handle a wide variety of loads, and a twist-lock trailer to haul intermodal shipping containers. The trailer is equipped with two twist locks at the front, four in the middle and two at the rear, so users can haul two 20-foot ISO containers or one 40-foot container, the company says.

Fontaine says its composite technology gives the versatile trailer the ideal balance of strength, weight and durability. The steel main beams are constructed using grade 130 flanges welded continuously on both sides for maximum structural integrity; and steel crossmembers are positioned every 12 inches on the 41-foot rear deck to facilitate greater strength and durability. The front and rear skirt, siderails and floor are made of aluminum for added corrosion resistance and lighter weight.
Fontaine Trailer Co.

APU keeps its cool
Kohler Power Systems is expanding its generator product line to include an air-cooled auxiliary power unit for heavy-duty trucks. The Kohler 5-kilowatt APU, which has a self-contained engine, measures 27 x 26 x 23 inches and weighs less than 340 pounds. The unit produces 120V AC and 50A DC power, and is designed with a direct-drive alternator, eliminating belt maintenance; oil-drain intervals are 500 hours. The standard Kohler Advanced Digital Controller is designed to allow a driver to start and stop the generator, and adjust the heating and cooling (14,000 BTU/hour of cooling and 2.5 kW of electric heat) from inside the cab; it also features an easy-to-read LED screen that displays up to 13 operational conditions.
Kohler Power Systems

Tire imbalance answers
International Marketing says its XactBalance 180s and XactBalance Trucks products are designed to be used outside the tire, rather than previous products that only could be put inside the tire. Though varying in size and capability, both products consist of free-moving steel particles housed within a bendable plastic cartridge, which is attached by adhesive to the tire. The particles move and adjust as the tire rotates, targeting the exact area of imbalance and correcting it. The 180s consist of two plastic chambers – released in sizes of 22.5 inches and 24.5 inches – that fit together inside the wheel, creating a full 360-degree balance protection. XactBalance Trucks are used for spin balancing and come in the much smaller sizes of 2, 4 or 6 ounces.
International Marketing Inc.

Cargo heater kit, power pack
Thermo King recently introduced two products through its aftermarket division – the E-28 Cargo Heater Kit and the EON Power Pack.

The E-28 Cargo Heater Kit protects perishables from cold temperatures without using engine heat, which the company says saves fuel and engine wear. The E-28 features high-volume heat output, high airflow for even heat distribution, electronically controlled temperature regulation and a corrosion-resistant painted aluminum enclosure. The kit includes an Espar D8 fuel-fired heater, weatherproof thermostat enclosure, wiring to the truck’s electrical system, and fuel pump with hoses.

The EON Power Pack provides economical and easy-to-install auxiliary power for operating truck lights, according to Thermo King. Powered by a long-lasting EON battery, the Power Pack helps avoid dead batteries caused by running lights. Items included in the pack are a low-voltage disconnect to maximize battery life, a weatherproof switch with integrated 45-minute timer, and a charging circuit to connect the system to a reefer or truck alternator.
Thermo King Corp.

Drop deck trailer
Benson International’s 524 aluminum drop deck trailer features a steel neck transition designed to allow a concentrated load capacity of 52,000 pounds in a four-foot span, as well as 80,000 pounds evenly distributed to allow for increased hauling capabilities. Other features of the trailer, according to Benson, include:

  • Winch track on driver side (standard);
  • 40-inch rear deck height with 255/70R22.5 tires;
  • Reinforced wheel cutouts for proper tire clearance;
  • Fully welded construction for added strength and longevity; and
  • LED lighting.

Benson International