WebTech Wireless integrates Motorola G24 Java in Locator devices

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WebTech Wireless, a provider of location-based and fleet telematics services, announced Wednesday, May 16, the introduction of Motorola’s embedded G24 Java wireless module in WebTech Wireless’ Locator family of Telematics devices.

The latest Java option integrates the new J2ME programming environment of Motorola’s G24 Java wireless module with the Locator application processor. Webtech Wireless says this allows the large community of Java programmers to add custom functionality to the Locator and leverage the wide set of existing Java applications and reference APIs.

The WebTech Wireless WT5000 and WT6000 are the first products to implement Motorola’s G24 Java wireless module. By supporting TCP connectivity between the G24 processor and the Locator processor, applications developed in Java can access the rich set of features and services in the Locator software, including GPS status and telemetry control, and can access host servers over GPRS, according to WebTech Wireless.

The Motorola G24 Java platform serves as a powerful stand-alone controller, supporting a variety of M2M applications and providing developers control over the G24 resources such as CPU, memory and I/Os. This advanced platform simplifies the application development and design process, resulting in significant cost savings and faster time to market, WebTech Wireless says; in addition, the G24 Java provides a prosperous feature set including messaging, secure Internet connections and IBM’s MQTT M2M protocol.

“Our integration of the Motorola G24 Java platform with our Locator devices provides ourselves, our partners and our customers a fast and effective option to build custom functionality on top of the rich set of Locator features using an industry-standard programming language,” says Cameron Fraser, co-founder and chief technology officer of Vancouver-based WebTech Wireless.

“WebTech Wireless’ Java integration is an excellent example of how the Motorola G24 Java wireless module allows greater flexibility to developers and serves as a platform for innovative M2M applications.” says Aviad Gefen, director of Motorola’s M2M Wireless Modules business unit. “The G24 Java strong set of features gives a true added value that ensures a short time to market and significantly greater ROI.”

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The WebTech Wireless Java option will be available by the summer of 2007.