Wrenches built for heavy-duty work

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Stanley Proto has introduced two new lines of engineers’ wrenches and leverage wrenches, and also has expanded its lineup of striking wrenches. By adding these heavy-duty wrenches to its catalog, Proto says it will be offering more choices to users in heavy industries ranging from oil, gas, and mining, to shipyards and commercial construction. The wrenches are made for the roughest use in the highest-torque applications, according to the company.

Each of these wrench types has a different intended use, the company says:

  • Open-end engineers’ wrenches are designed to help users work faster, and include 15-degree head sets that allow quick repositioning of the wrench on the fastener. Their long lengths – up to 23-13/16 inches long – provide high leverage and extend users’ reach into hard-to-access locations. They come in 13 metric sizes with a black oxide finish.
  • Leverage wrenches are for when users need even more leverage, or when they want to extend their reach even further. While the wrenches themselves range in length from 2 to 14 inches, they’re designed for use with detachable handles up to 33 inches long. The combination of deep offset box heads and long handles are built to ease the initial breaking or final tightening of fasteners; they come in 11 metric sizes with four interchangeable handles.
  • Straight striking and offset striking wrenches have handles with square ends that are designed to be struck with a hammer for the breaking or final tightening of high-torque fasteners. Proto has added five sizes to its line of straight striking wrenches and 15 to its offset line.
  • For more information, go to www.stanleyproto.com.

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