Fittipaldi Logistics introduces The Driver Seat

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Fittipaldi Environmental Solutions, a new division of Fittipaldi Logistics, Inc., introduced The Driver Seat, an application that validates and verifies reduction in fuel consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Driver Seat application gives customers the ability to monitor the location, movement, status, and driver behavior of a vehicle or of every vehicle in a corporation’s fleet.
Frank Reilly, CEO of Fittipaldi Logistics said the company is positioning itself to enter into an untapped market.

“We are excited to offer solutions that will help our planet in the reduction of greenhouse gases.”

Further information about The Driver Seat and Fittipaldi Logistics is currently featured in “Larry Oakley’s Opinion” editorial column at

Fittipaldi Logistics, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in providing pertinent, real-time information to the worldwide transportation and security industries. Its telematics solutions collect vehicle and container-based data and integrate it with information gathered from various disparate legacy systems across the supply chain. Specific offerings include: vehicle tracking, inventory/asset visibility, secure trucking, matching available freight with available trucks, and many others. Through Fittipaldi Environmental Solutions, the company has adapted its product to provide critical information enabling verification of fuel savings and reduction of harmful emissions, the company says. See for more information.