TeleNav: In-car, standalone navigation devices are a dead end

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According to the results of a recent TeleNav Web poll, consumers should be wary of in-car and standalone GPS navigation systems. About 50 percent of respondents with personal navigation devices (PNDs) stated that their navigation systems have provided them with incorrect directions or outdated maps. This is likely due to the fact that unlike GPS applications on mobile phones and smartphones, handheld navigation systems are not updated on a regular basis, TeleNav says.

Today, mobile phone navigation is more advanced than PNDs and in-car navigation systems. As mobile phones are connected to a wireless network, GPS applications on these phones receive ongoing updates and can provide a number of features that PNDs and in-car systems are unable to offer, such as one-touch traffic rerouting and location-based social-networking, TeleNav says.

Wireless connectivity also allows mobile phone navigation to provide larger, more detailed and more current business listings for places like ATMs, gas stations and movie theaters. These updates are also provided at no additional cost to customers, whereas a payment is often required to update maps and other content with standalone devices.

TeleNav offers TeleNav GPS Navigator(tm), a mobile device-based navigation service that provides voice and on-screen turn-by-turn directions. The most recent version introduced includes new social-networking features such as location sharing. To learn more about TeleNav GPS Navigator, visit