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Peterbilt’s Model 325

Peterbilt’s Class 5 Model
Peterbilt says its new Model 325 is its first vehicle dedicated to the specific needs of the Class 5 market. The company says the Model 325 is suited for the complete range of Class 5 applications, including vehicle recovery and towing, lease/rental, pickup and delivery, and business services such as parcel delivery, landscaping and construction. The Model 325 began production in mid-July.

“The new Model 325 is the ideal truck for customers seeking a non-CDL, easy-to-operate, reliable and affordable truck in the rapidly growing Class 5 segment,” says Bill Jackson, general manager of Denton, Texas-based Peterbilt and Paccar vice president. “The Model 325 is the best truck to maximize our customer’s profitability and productivity when considering factors like durability, fuel efficiency, serviceability and the cost of ownership, including future resale value.”

The Model 325 is rated at 19,500 pounds in a straight truck configuration. It is equipped with the new fuel-efficient Paccar PX-6 engine available in 200, 240 and 300 hp ratings and torque ratings up to 620 lb.-ft. The Model 325 is standard with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with ABS and a 6-speed manual transmission. An automatic transmission is available as an option.

Peterbilt says the Model 325 is extremely durable, from the all-aluminum cab to the steel bumper and aerodynamic hood and fenders made from Metton, an advanced composite material that can withstand minor impacts, bumps and scratches. A stainless steel grille with chrome surround helps provide added protection compared to plastic grilles and also adds distinctive Peterbilt style to the vehicle.

The Model 325 has the same headlamp system as Peterbilt’s other medium-duty conventional Models 330 and 335. Their advanced forward lighting system provides broad, even light distribution with 40 percent better down-road coverage than conventional sealed beam designs, according to the company. The vehicle also features a fixed rear-view window and a right-hand door-view window to provide increased visibility.

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The Model 325’s in-frame bundled wiring and hoses, as well as clean frame rails, are clear of obstructions and allow for easier body installation for the wide range of medium-duty applications, Peterbilt says.

The Model 325 also offers drivers a comfortable operating environment, according to the company. Designed for easy entry and egress, a new step configuration allows the driver to move in and out of the cab at a more comfortable, safe position. The interior features a high-back driver’s seat in a plush, two-tone fabric, as well as a passenger two-person bench seat with added under-seat storage.
Peterbilt Motors Co.

Switches watch for clogged filters
Engineered Products has developed a line of filter minder electrical switch products to monitor filters. The switch is designed to trigger a signal to the engine computer or dash warning light when a filter is restricted, allowing for the optimum use of filter capacity and also helping prevent using restricted filters that would increase fuel consumption. Applications include air, fuel, diesel particulate and closed crankcase ventilation filters. Mechanical gauges and indicators also are available to monitor filters.
Engineered Products

Cargo security solutions
Carrier Transicold is offering a new line of industrial-strength cargo security devices designed to provide a first line of defense against theft. Each of the four locking systems – the Sealock, the Enforcer adjustable lock, the Enforcer Air Cuff lock and the Enforcer king pin lock – is designed to deter thieves in a different way. Carrier says its new security lineup includes:

  • Sealock Model SU205, a single-use device that makes any truck or trailer virtually tamper-proof. Designed to both lock and seal, it is compliant with the voluntary industry-government Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and exceeds ISO/PAS 17712:2005 and ASTM F 1157 standards;
  • Enforcer adjustable lock, a reusable lock made of chrome-plated steel with a cast iron locking component. It fits around trailer keeper bars and can be adjusted in half-inch increments to provide a tight fit. The design conceals the shackle of its Abloy high-security padlock, protecting it from physical attack;
  • Enforcer Air Cuff lock, which completely encases the air valves in the tractor cab, preventing truck and trailer brakes from being released. Portable and easy to use, according to the company, the device is made with impact-resistant material and includes a keyed Abloy lock cylinder; and
  • Enforcer king pin lock, which provides security for dropped trailers by preventing unauthorized hookups. This lock is made of a cast iron steel alloy to resist physical attacks from bolt cutters, sledgehammers or crowbars. It includes a keyed Abloy lock cylinder.

Carrier says the Enforcer locks can be keyed differently, keyed alike or keyed to a master system, providing complete flexibility.
Carrier Transicold

Nitrogen generators
D. Marsh Co. says its line of five NIflate99 nitrogen inflators meets the range of needs of truck and automobile fleet maintenance facilities. The NIflate99 WS Model, a heavy-duty wall-mounted inflator, is designed to set the beads on truck, bus and equipment tires. The NIflate99 AP Model sets the beads, purges and inflates all four tires at once, and it’s a totally self-contained, portable inflator that is moved anywhere easily, according to the company. Both models are fully automatic, hands-free inflators designed to replace the air in tires with nitrogen in only seven to 12 minutes; three additional models offer other benefits. D. Marsh says all five nitrogen inflators use 99.9 percent pure nitrogen, the purest available.
D. Marsh Co.

Expanded LED product offering
The Signal-Stat line of LED products has been expanded for the third time since Truck-Lite introduced it in 2004. Truck-Lite says the Signal-Stat line – which now has more than 40 high-diode-count lamps – is engineered with globally produced components and put through intense testing and quality control to meet company standards. The new lamps include 21/2-inch round LED clearance markers with reflex lens; triangular LED bus lamps; 4-inch round and 6-inch oval LED stop, turn and tail lamps with clear lens; and colored diodes. The Signal-Stat LED lamps, geared to owner-operators and small fleets, feature high-count diode patterns, the company says; they retrofit easily using standard plug connections that make the lamps compatible with virtually all existing trailers.

Solenoid valves for hot jobs
To meet rising temperatures and harsher conditions on and around the engine caused by tighter emissions standards, Global Vehicle Technologies has developed a next generation of solenoid valves designed for severe-duty environments where temperatures exceed 250 degrees Fahrenheit for sustained periods of time. The valve’s thermoplastic construction also is built to be more corrosion-resistant and rugged. The company’s initial target for the valve is the fan clutch, with other applications planned.
Global Vehicle Technologies

Emissions profiling kit
MadgeTech’s ETR110 is an exhaust temperature profiling kit designed to measure the exhaust temperature of on-road vehicles and off-road equipment, including tractor-trailers, buses and trucks more than 14,000 pounds, wastewater vehicles and sweepers. The ETR110 kit comes assembled and includes a data logger, temperature sensor (thermocouple), weatherproof enclosure, interface cable, hex screwdriver, software, an NPT coupler and a compression fitting. Setup is fast and easy, according to MadgeTech: The NPT coupler is attached to the exhaust pipe, as the use of a compression fitting allows for the thermocouple to be placed directly in the exhaust stream, providing for accurate profiling. The data logger, which is contained within the weatherproof enclosure, is mounted to the vehicle. Using the MadgeTech software, the logger is programmed to record for a set period, generally three to five days; data is downloadable at any time via a PC or laptop computer. The complete temperature profile can be provided to the diesel particulate filter manufacturer, aiding in the selection of the correct DPF for the exhaust system.

Spill kit for emergency cleanups
Oil Eater describes its Transportation Spill Kit as an all-in-one professional-grade emergency cleanup system for hazardous spills. The kit is housed in a water-resistant storage bag that includes 10 absorbent pads, three universal snakes, a spill emergency checklist and protective gloves. Also included are three oil-resistant high-temperature disposal bags and a one-quart bottle of cleaner/degreaser formulated to clean surfaces after absorption of a spill.
Oil Eater

Tippers with more ground clearance
Bayne Premium Lift Systems says its ETL 208 series of hydraulic cart tippers provide 50 percent more ground clearance than similar models, making them less susceptible to damage when mounted on rear loaders being driven over uneven roads or at the landfill. The ETL 208, which picks up European-style carts, was designed so that the cart-support arm tucks up compactly at idle, positioning the lifter more than 20 inches above the ground. The ETL 208 also uses a sweeping action that automatically compensates for uneven terrain, while also preventing operators from having to manually pick up and place carts onto the lifter, Bayne says. The series also features a lift capacity of 375 pounds and a clamping angle engineered to help secure the cart when it’s tipped 45 degrees, reducing the chance of the cart breaking free before the 8- to 10-second lift cycle is complete. According to Bayne, the ETL 208 won’t interfere with the packer blade on most rear loader models, and its thin profile is designed to permit it to work in conjunction with commercial container latch kits, enabling one truck to pick up both residential and commercial refuse on the same route.
Bayne Premium Lift Systems

Universal trailer dome lamps
Phillips Industries says it has improved the design of its Permalite LED trailer dome lamp to accommodate a fit in any trailer, dry or refrigerated. The recessed depth of the LED’s impact-resistant polycarbonate housing has been reduced to .73 inch, which the company says allows it to be installed and used by virtually every fleet requiring interior trailer lighting, regardless of trailer type. The Permalite LED incorporates the latest technology diodes designed to provide whiter, longer-lasting light at less than 40 percent of the current draw of incandescent alternatives. And because of the unique electrical circuit incorporated in the Permalite LED, light output is identical from each and every dome fixture, regardless of the length of the trailer, according to the company. Phillips says its LEDs work exceptionally well in cold temperatures, making the Permalite LED suitable for refrigerated trailers.

Phillips developed its Permalite Green LED trailer dome lamp to improve the contrast and visual clarity of interior trailer lighting. In addition to offering enhanced definition in lower light, green-tinted light – the preferred lighting color for most military applications – dramatically reduces eye fatigue and glare in contrasting conditions, according to the company. Phillips says outfitting trailers with Permalite Green LED dome lamps can mean the difference between seeing small details on a shipping document in a dimly lit trailer and seeing nothing at all, resulting in faster and more accurate deliveries.

According to the company, Permalite Green LED uses the same technology as other Permalite LED products: an unbreakable lens, the same lumen output, the same .91-amp draw and the same dimensions. The green LED also is designed to offer constant light output across the entire voltage range and to function in extreme temperatures, from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees.
Phillips Industries

Chassis axle for intermodal applications
Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems recently launched the Hendrickson Chassis Axle, which the company describes as an ideal choice for intermodal chassis applications. The latest addition to Hendrickson’s full line of industry-standard, low-maintenance axles, HCA supplies a one-piece axle bar with hot-formed spindles and a patented axle filter for internal venting. Hendrickson says HCA comes fully dressed with a standard package, including e-coated brake shoes, five-spoke hubs and drums. With an axle capacity of 22,500 pounds, the five-inch round standard HCA features rigid forged steel spiders and 16.5-by-7-inch brakes. In addition, hardened machined cam heads, journals and splines and an oil-impregnated bronze spider bushing help enhance durability, according to the company. Options to enhance the standard package include extended service brakes and extended brake shoe warranty, brake chambers, brake adjusters and ABS alternatives, parallel spindles and hub-piloted hubs and drums.

Wheel alignment gauging system
Bee Line says its LC7000 Series laser-guided computerized wheel alignment gauging system for heavy-duty trucks has been refined from its previous models to make alignments easier, faster and more accurate. The alignment heads now feature a sleek look and updated technology, according to the company: The internal electronics feature a color LCD screen that operates like a mini-monitor for the technician, and each screen in the Windows-based WindSpeed 7000 Alignment Software is displayed on the head and prompts the technician through a job, reducing the time needed to gauge alignment. Self-seeking lasers in the end of the tubes don’t have to be dialed in manually, Bee Line says; they automatically find the optimum position on the opposite tube. Lithium ion batteries are used to keep the heads charged for up to 10 hours.

The system’s cabinet is designed to look more attractive, operate more efficiently, be more stable and store in a smaller area, according to the company, and system calibration can be performed faster, at any time. The charging stations are more durable and store the heads in an upright position, Bee Line says; wheel mounts, floor plates and tandem targets can be stored on the exterior of the cabinet. The software is designed to assist beginners with pop-up reminders, extensive help screens and help videos; while more experienced technicians have the option to customize their workflow to fit their skill level. When alignments are complete, detailed before-and-after color documents are printed for the customer.

Comprehensive database management options allow shops to save and recall any previous alignments.
Bee Line

High-speed rotary transport pump series
Viking Pump says its high-speed rotary transport pump series, the RTP20, offers configuration flexibility and ease of maintenance. The RTP20 (1.0 liter/rev) is built with all the features of the company’s RTP30 (1.28 liter/rev) series, and is designed to provide an additional size with exceptional performance, advanced durability, application flexibility and ease of installation. The series’ tri-lobe design, customizable per customer specifications, is compact and lightweight, and features removable feet and multiple mountings for easy vertical or horizontal adaptation, according to the company. The RTP20 series also is available with ACME threaded or tri-clamp ports, as well as other port connection types.
Viking Pump

Flat top plunger switch
APEM Components has expanded its line of IP sealed pushbutton switches with the addition of a flat top plunger switch series. The IPP Series is designed to allow for customization to help match the switch to unique applications, including customer-specific markings, backlit legends, custom molded caps and wire assemblies. The IPP Series is suited for any application that requires a sealed, ergonomic electrical interface, including off-road and transportation. The switches, available in momentary and maintained functions, are offered with a black bezel frame and seven actuator color choices to satisfy most coding requirements while offering a superior look to any application. The switch’s construction is designed to ensure a reliable seal while providing a unique feel. The pushbutton switches are rated for 100mA at 24 VDC with an expected life of 200,000 cycles, and 2A at 125 VAC with an expected life of 10,000 cycles per UL 1054. The IPP is manufactured with gold-plated silver contacts and are available prewired or with solder lug terminals.
APEM Components

Engine air pre-cleaners
Parker Hannifin’s Racor Division designed its AFAP engine air pre-cleaners to be mounted outside the hood and connected to the air filter intake of a gasoline or diesel engine air cleaner. Features and benefits, according to the company, include easy installation, longer life of engine air cleaners and durable design. Applications include slow-moving and industrial equipment such as agricultural machinery, earth-moving construction and mining equipment, pumping plants, generator sets, material handling equipment, snow removal equipment and street sweepers.
Parker Hannifin, Racor Division

High-performance hydraulic filters
Donaldson Co. has introduced Donaldson Triboguard filters, a line of high-performance hydraulic filters designed for demanding applications. Donaldson says the filters use state-of-the-art hydraulic filtration technology to provide superior system protection. According to the company, the filter’s outstanding service life is enabled by the advanced polymer pack design, engineered to provide structural strength with minimal flow resistance while maintaining high removal efficiencies. Using Donaldson’s proprietary Synteq filter media, the filters are designed to allow higher initial cleanliness and provide superior system protection. The design also allows for lower pressure drop in high-viscosity situations.
Donaldson Co.

Anti-idling system
Frigette Truck Climate Systems offers a new auxiliary power unit based on a liquid-cooled, diesel Kubota EA-300 engine that gets its fuel directly from the truck’s tank without the need to add another fuel source. According to Frigette, these fuel-efficient engines use only 1/10th gallon per hour versus a truck engine that can consume a full gallon or more per hour. Added benefits of the APU include a 60-amp battery charger, 12,000 BTUs of air conditioning for the bunk, and 10,000 BTUs of heat, the company says; convenient receptacles for plug-ins are offered so that a driver can operate a skillet, microwave, television or any other creature-of-comfort device.

Frigette’s engineers designed the entire package to be independent of the truck’s main engine and electrical systems; this “stand-alone” concept is to avoid violating warranties on expensive OEM equipment in the event of mechanical failure. Using available power from the 3,300-watt genset, the truck block heater can be hooked up with an electrical cord to keep the main engine warm in winter months, according to the company. The package comes with a common-sense air ductwork system to vent heavier cold air upward in summer months when A/C needs are important; cold air naturally falls while heat rises.

Frigette says the step-box design is popular with drivers who comment on the function of the box, as well as its easy-to-remove lid for maintenance intervals. Oil change sessions are rated at 500 hours, with easy access to air, fuel and oil filter locations. At only 418 pounds, the Frigette package is one of the lightest, smallest systems on the market, according to the company.
Frigette Truck Climate Systems

Under-leveler seal
Frommelt Products Corp., a division of Rite-Hite Corp., says its PitMaster under-leveler seal closes off the fourth side of the dock opening – beneath and around the dock leveler. The resulting barrier is designed to seal air gaps to dramatically reduce energy costs and keep out bugs and dust, improving industrial hygiene. Because the front of a typical leveler pit is fully open to the outside environment, it can create a host of potential problems at the loading dock in terms of sanitation issues and wasted energy. To effectively complete the seal at the loading dock, the seal – designed to fit a variety of leveler types – features a compressible sealing curtain made of durable black vinyl. The curtain is held in place by spring-loaded arms and flexible stays that keep the seal engaged against the leveler and pit sides throughout leveler operation, according to the company; a separate header curtain constantly maintains the seal – even when the leveler is in an above-dock position.

The seal also has a variety of options, according to the company. Leveler lip corner seals help to eliminate hard-to-seal gaps at corners of the dock leveler; when a trailer is in place, optional filler pads close the gaps between the leveler and dock shelter to further seal white space, gaps and small openings. The PitMaster installs easily with common tools, the company says; a quick-disconnect feature allows the main sealing curtain to be released for access to the leveler pit when dock equipment maintenance is needed, and sealing components can be replaced quickly and easily, but require no regular maintenance.
Rite-Hite Corp.