J.J. Keller introduces speed/space management program

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J.J. Keller & Associates recently introduced EYE ON Speed & Space Management, a program designed to capture drivers’ attention and enlist their active participation in building critical speed and space management skills.

The program is anchored by a 30-minute closed-captioned video that uses a hazard perception challenge format to present “through the windshield” driving scenarios and challenge viewers with “what did you see”/”what would you do next” questions related to speed and space management. The video covers a variety of topics, including seeing hazards, observing proper speed management and maintaining a safe space cushion.

In addition to the video, the program includes a trainer’s guide that provides correct answers to the challenge questions, commentary on potential outcomes based on drivers’ reactions, and an overview of the topic. Driver booklets (11 included) are provided to reinforce key concepts, and 10 Video Scenario Review Blanks are included for drivers to record their answers.

Keller’s EYE ON Speed & Space Management training program is available on DVD (418-DVD) and on VHS (418-K). The DVD format includes a recap of speed and space management guidelines, special “Message for Management,” additional commentary from industry professionals, and an interactive quiz with correct/incorrect remediation.

For more information, go to www.jjkeller.com.