Electronic HVUT filing becomes mandatory

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Federal law requires carriers and others with more than 25 vehicles subject to the federal heavy vehicle use tax to file HVUT tax reports on Form 2290 electronically when the Internal Revenue Service makes it possible for them to do so.

IRS reports that it is able to receive 2290s filed electronically for the 2008 tax year, but is not yet requiring taxpayers to file electronically — they still can file on paper as before, for at least one more year.

If carriers do file electronically, they’ll receive back from IRS a PDF document with a special watermark and designation that they may present to the state when it’s time to renew the registration of the vehicles for which they’ve paid the HVUT.

For more information, contact Loretta Engrum at the IRS at 222-283-7819 or e-mail [email protected] — particularly for those interested in setting up software that will allow them to file directly with IRS, without using a third party’s software.