Bosch introduces Long Haul alternator

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Bosch says its Ultra Premium Long Haul Alternator provides greater electrical power and efficiency on the road or at idle, and is designed to keep generating electrical power even with high underhood temperatures. Producing 160 amps operating output and 80 amps at idle, the alternator’s higher charge rate at idle prolongs battery life by reducing deep cycling, according to the company, while dual internal cooling fans are optimized for airflow and help maintain the Long Haul’s even temperature under all operating conditions.

The Long Haul’s proprietary Self Protection Regulator technology is designed to automatically reduce the output to prevent failure when underhood temperatures become excessive. The Long Haul (AL9960LH), which Bosch says replaces more than 220 different original equipment alternators, operates at more than 70 percent efficiency, while conventional OE replacement alternators operate at 55 percent efficiency; this high-efficiency design transforms energy into power, rather than performance-robbing heat, saving fuel every mile.

Other features of the alternator, according to the company, include:

  • Proprietary high-efficiency winding technology that uses 30 percent more copper than conventional replacement alternators, producing increased efficiency and fuel savings;
  • External heat-dissipating regulator and external rectifier, mounted directly in the stream of air on the back of the unit, which combine with the alternator’s heat-sink design to allow rapid heat dissipation and cool operation. The rectifier body design prevents clogging from heat-damaging debris;
  • Advanced Bosch diodes in the rectifier and regulator to provide longer life;
  • Dual internal cooling fans that maximize the cooling air pulled through the alternator, drawing air from both front and back of the alternator. Heat is driven out through vents circling the housing;
  • Long-life bearings that combine specially heat-treated, long-life steel bearings with heat-resistant, water-repelling lubricant that withstands wear for tens of thousands of miles; and
  • Reduced slip ring diameter that reduces carbon brush wear.
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