Dometic touts CARB-compliant battery-powered auxiliary A/C systems

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At the 2007 Great American Trucking Show last week in Dallas, Dometic Environmental Corp. showcased its new battery-powered auxiliary air conditioning systems that it says are 100 percent compliant with the clean-air requirements of the California Air Resources Board.

“Dometic’s battery-powered solution is exempt from the CARB regulations, since it has no internal combustion engine and produces no emissions,” says Lou Siegel, senior vice president of marketing and strategic business development for Dometic Environmental. “We have devoted a great deal of engineering resources to developing, fine-tuning and testing this technology. We are confident we have a practical, reliable and affordable solution that can keep the driver cool for 10 hours or more, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions to zero.”

Dometic says its system runs on 12V power from a bank of absorbed glass mat (AGM) Group 31 batteries, with a 2,000-watt DC-AC inverter that converts the battery output to 115V power to run the air conditioner. The turnkey package also includes a high-capacity alternator with external regulator, which is designed for rapid recharging of the batteries.

“Although shorepower connections are not yet widely available, we believe that we will see more of them installed at terminals and truck stops in the future,” Siegel says. “Our standard inverter contains a 115V pass-through circuit and 50 amp charger to run the air conditioner and recharge batteries when connected to shorepower. We also offer an optional inverter-only model for applications in which shorepower hookups are not needed.”

The auxiliary air conditioning systems are offered in 7,000 and 10,000 BTU capacities. The product line includes self-contained package units and split systems with an external condensing unit. According to the company, the patented split systems use reusable refrigerant linesets with quick-connect fittings. Dometic says the units are factory precharged with refrigerant for automatic charging to the correct pressure when the linesets are connected; no special tools are required.

Dometic, based in Pompano Beach, Fla., also offers a range of auxiliary air conditioning systems running on output from auxiliary power units (APUs). Many leading APU suppliers specify or recommend the Dometic air conditioners, the company says.