Gel designed to keep tires properly inflated

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Lyna Manufacturing says its “green” technology, Tire Lyna, is an organic gel solution injected directly into the cavity of a new or used tire and wheel assembly. The product is designed to help control proper inflation by eliminating air loss due to porosity and bead leaks, and by sealing tread punctures up to /-inch.

The company says Tire Lyna prevents the exposure of casings and rims to rust-inducing water. Another benefit of Tire Lyna, according to the company, is its environmentally friendly formulation: The organic, nontoxic, water-soluble biodegradable gel is easily washed out of the casing and will not degrade over the life of the tire.

Effective in tubeless tires operated from 2 to 160 PSI, Tire Lyna currently is available in a starter pack consisting of eight five-gallon pails; in typical applications, five gallons will fill about 10 11R22.5 tires. For more information, go to