NMFTA updates online freight classification product

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The National Motor Freight Traffic Association announced today, Sept. 18, that it has released ClassIT 2.0, the latest version of the online National Motor Freight Classification, a pricing tool that evaluates and classifies all the commodities shipped and handled by motor freight carriers moving in interstate, intrastate, and foreign commerce.

For more 70 years, the NMFC has been the freight classification standard; it provides both carriers and shippers with a standard by which the transportability of all commodities is measured, and greatly simplifies the competitive evaluations of the thousands of products moving through today’s marketplace. The NMFC is amended by periodic updates and published annually in book form, and now also in an electronic format (ClassIT 2.0), providing shippers and carriers easier access.

In 2006, NMFTA released the first version of ClassIT. With its latest release of ClassIT 2.0, the capabilities are greatly enhanced, NMFTA says; improvements include rapid response time, embedded search terms, expanded search options and capabilities, page-through capability of the NMFC content, scroll-over highlighting, ability to view adjacent items, and single-item print function.

NMFTA says some powerful features of ClassIT 2.0 include the following:

  • Advanced search capabilities allowing users to have the system “look up” a commodity’s classification, rules and packaging requirements individually or at the same time;
  • Searches in context that produces all search results with the related items (as in pages of a book) so a user can make a single query and scroll down the possible matches to find the exact item;
  • Synonyms that allow users to customize and individualize the product by tying new terms to existing commodity names and numbers, making future searches easier. ClassIT 2.0 also contains hundreds of embedded search terms not found in the print version. These embedded terms are linked directly to the appropriate classification provisions;
  • A density calculator that enables users to determine the density of a package, pallet or complete shipment in seconds and includes a multipurpose conversion calculator;
  • A print function that allows users to print a single or multiple items, or copy and paste results from searches into other documents; and
  • Ability to e-mail classification questions directly to NMFTA’s classification specialists.
  • ClassIT 2.0 is sold for an annual license fee to NMFC participants for $199 for a single user. Nonparticipant shippers may purchase a single license for the product for $249. Multiuser discounts are available.

    “ClassIT 2.0 offers much faster response times and greatly enhanced search capabilities in an easy-to-format that makes finding and using the resources available through the National Motor Freight Classification easier than ever,” says William Pugh, NMFTA executive director.

    For more information, call 866-411-6632, e-mail [email protected] or go to www.nmfta.org for complete licensing information, pricing and product demonstrations.