WebTech Wireless to supply asset tracking provider GTC

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WebTech Wireless, a provider of location-based and fleet telematics services, has signed a strategic supply agreement with Global Tracking Communications Inc. (GTC), a North American supplier that offers GPS based asset tracking and fleet management systems to companies throughout the United States.

“Our company is focused on individual consumer needs and committed to providing our customers with ‘cutting-edge’ solutions. It was critical to have the right tracking devices in place to help maintain our exceptional product offerings and support,” said John Stull, Principal at GTC. “We evaluated several cellular vehicle tracking solutions but WebTech Wireless offered the best functionality, lowest risk and best value.”

GTC chose to deploy the WebTech Locator Series, a family of GPS tracking devices, for both their commercial and consumer markets. For their commercial fleet business, the WebTech Locators are equipped with advanced peripheral accessory products providing their customers with innovative fleet management solutions. Accessories include the Power Line Carrier Identification System, a trailer tracking solution; the Temperature Monitoring Kit, which continuously monitors the temperature of trailer cargo; and the WT1700 Bluetooth Adapter that enables real-time access to back-office applications through handheld devices. In addition, GTC’s fleet management offering will include comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, providing their commercial customers with automatic diagnostic information about their fleet.

For the consumer market, the added value of onboard vehicle diagnostics enables GTC’s customers throughout the State of California to monitor and control emissions checks remotely. “Our customers no longer need to check their emissions levels at a smog check facility. Instead, they can enroll in the State’s smog check service. It’s not only convenient and cost-effective, but it also enables our customers to identify emission control issues in real-time – empowering them to reduce harmful emissions and ultimately improve the maintenance of their vehicles,” adds John. “Providing our customers with an extensive suite of peripheral accessories has enabled us to capitalize on existing markets and create additional opportunities in new industry markets.”