Rotary Lift’s universal inground-lift adapter out of this world

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Rotary Lift says its X Pad frame-contact adapter for its MOD30 inground lift helps improve productivity in garages for public works and transit fleets that don’t have the space or budget to install a variety of lifts to efficiently service the wide range of vehicles they maintain.

The adapter is designed to temporarily replace the standard axle-engaging adapter on the MOD30’s rear post so that the lift can pick up vehicles with independent front or rear suspensions, such as cars and minivans. The adapter uses the same arms as light-duty inground lifts to reach manufacturer-recommended pick-up points on cars, light trucks and vans, according to the company; rated load capacity using the adapter is 9,000 pounds.

The X Pad can be ordered with a new MOD30, or it can be added to an existing MOD30; no permanent installation is required. For more information, go to