Delphi says it can help trucks manage idling laws

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Delphi Corp. says its battery monitoring device can help manage the additional load placed on backup batteries that are providing power in anti-idling situations. According to the company, the device combines an IVT sensor with software that calculates the battery state of health and state of charge, and will alert drivers to batteries that are in need of replacement or charging.

It helps ensure optimal battery performance, making more electronics possible while ensuring sufficient power for starting the engine, Delphi says; when integrated into a vehicle as part of active battery management, the device also can help improve fuel efficiency and extend battery life.

The device — which features Local Interconnect Network (LIN) or Controller Area Network (CAN) interface for data and diagnostic communication — is mounted on the negative battery post or in a pre-fuse box on the battery, and is designed for use in passenger and commercial vehicles beginning with model year 2010; it also can be adapted for use in offroad vehicles and the marine industry.

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