Cool Carriers tracking trailers with TransCore

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Cool Carriers, based in Pompano Beach, Fla., specializes in hauling perishable refrigerated freight throughout the United States. “I have to know where my trucks are, but it was taking us nearly two hours every time we polled our fleet,” says Tommy McWhorter, head of operations. “And just as important, I need to know that the temperature in our trailers is within spec. The process was labor- and time-intensive, but the information was essential to running our business.”

Cool Carriers says that’s why it chose TransCore’s Sense & Track trailer-tracking system with temperature-sensing modules added to each trailer. “In as little as 30 seconds, we not only know the location, but the temperature status of every truck in our fleet,” McWhorter says. “That saves us time and money while adding value to our customer service proposition.”

TransCore says its Global Wave Sense & Track mobile terminal is a compact all-satellite communications device; using a two-way protocol, it sends reports, receives commands and can be polled throughout North America. It utilizes a third-generation GlobalWave satellite modem that allows for fast GPS fixes with an accuracy of 35 feet or better and is capable of providing location information in less than a minute, according to the company.

The Sense & Track mobile terminal is designed to be able to show loaded/empty status and provide data from other monitored systems, such as load temperature and tire inflation. TransCore says that by adding cargo and door sensors, immediate alert notification can be sent when trailer doors are opened or closed, along with empty/full load status information, enhancing security for both the load and trailer, including reduction of theft.

GlobalWave satellite trailer-tracking products are capable of providing up to six years of service on a single integrated battery pack and are easy to install, according to TransCore; with three ground control stations providing service to five continents, the GlobalWave network supports customers worldwide, including more than 600 commercial fleets throughout North America and the U.S. Department of Defense, and powers the company’s 3sixty fleet management services.