Goodyear adds new tools to website for commercial tires

Navigating Goodyear’s new commercial tire Web site just got easier, and for fleet maintenance managers and owners, the route taken offers significant cost savings.

Steve McClellan, vice president of commercial tire systems, said, “A fleet’s tire supplier and the fleet manager’s approach to tire management can impact the bottom line. Tires become more than just tires; they’re an important element of a fleet’s operating costs.”

McClellan said Goodyear is moving more of its process controls online, and a new, more relevant Web site is an obvious addition. Because specifying tires can “make or break” a fleet’s cost structure, the new site features a dealer locator and simplified search function to find Goodyear tires by application, wheel position and size.

“Besides providing premium tires with superior casings, we’ve sought to be a resource of knowledge for our customers. We want to help them better manage their tires and the associated costs,” he added.

Knowledge-based fleet management tools reside in a “business solutions” section. Software and Web-based programs that permit fleets to track tire costs and performance and the status of their retreads are outlined. The section also describes the company’s 4-TIRES-NOW emergency roadside-assistance program.

Technology sections keep fleets updated on the latest innovations, including the award-winning DuraSeal Technology for line-haul trailers and mixed-service applications plus Fuel Max line-haul technology for enhanced fuel economy.

The company’s “support” button provides fuel economy information, safety tips, load information, service manuals, warranties, publications and product brochures.

Goodyear’s new Web site offers a “newsroom” section that offers the latest press releases issued by commercial tire systems. It also provides downloads of Goodyear’s TireLogic magazine and Highway Hero awards.

Goodyear’s redesigned commercial tire Web site is at