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Expanded APU lineup
RigMaster Power Corp. has announced an expanded product offering, as well as a number of product enhancements on all of its auxiliary power unit models. RigMaster says its expanded product offerings include two distinct APU models that are available with either a Perkins or Caterpillar engine:

  • The T4 CARB-compliant model utilizes a Tier 4a engine and can be equipped with a diesel particulate filter for California compliance on 2007 or newer trucks, pending final approval; and
  • The T2 model is fitted with a Tier 2 Environmental Protection Agency-compliant engine and is a cost-effective choice for customers looking to install an APU on pre-2007 model trucks or who do not intend to travel to California.

Also, all 2008 models now come with a serpentine belt drive that replaces the generator and compressor belts to help reduce maintenance, improve serviceability and increase the APU’s longevity. RigMaster says the new design also offers drivers improved heating and cooling to the cab and comes factory-installed with a quieter muffler designed with multiple exhaust options for greater installation flexibility.
RigMaster Power Corp.

Super-bright LED worklight
Peterson Manufacturing says its Model 907 super-bright LED worklight is designed for use on a wide range of working vehicles. The 4-inch round light, the latest addition to Peterson’s Great White LED line, features 10 super-high-output white diodes paired with a custom fresnel lens to produce ultra-white brilliance in an even, round pattern with significant side light, according to the company. The M907, intended as a replacement for standard PAR 36-type lights, is vibration-resistant and hard-wired for durability, and delivers 100,000-hour diode life with a low amp draw that is easy on vehicle electrical systems, Peterson says. The light is available in flexible rubber housing or separately for installation in a surface-mount bracket or traditional grommet mount in a standard 4.5-inch mounting hole.
Peterson Manufacturing

Driver training programs
J.J. Keller & Associates has introduced Pattern Driving and Rear End Collisions, two Master Driver programs designed to give veteran and rookie drivers the knowledge and motivation to stop bad driving habits and resist dangerous pattern-driving behavior.

  • Master Driver: Pattern Driving is designed to provide strategies to help keep drivers alert and aware while behind the wheel. Keller says the program addresses ways drivers can resist highway hypnosis, everyday complacency and other dangerous pattern-driving behaviors; it also helps drivers avoid hazardous situations that can occur when coming out of a pattern-driving daze.
  • Master Driver: Rear End Collisions is designed to help drivers recognize and change unsafe behaviors that can lead to costly crashes. According to Keller, it stresses the importance of maintaining a safe following distance, practicing good visual scanning techniques, avoiding in-the-cab distractions and having a safety attitude.

At the core of each program is a 19-minute closed-captioned video that Keller says presents key information enhanced by dramatic footage, dynamic graphics, real-world sound effects, music and candid “Road Wise” commentary from industry professionals. It also opens and closes with a “Hazard Perception Challenge” scenario in which drivers are challenged to spot danger and answer “what-did-you-see?” and “what-would-you-do-next?” questions. Along with the video, the program includes a trainer bulletin that provides background information, training tips, quiz and handout exercise for drivers, and 11 driver skill cards that reinforce the video’s message and provide receipts to document training.

J.J. Keller’s Pattern Driving and Rear End Collisions are available as a 2-pack on DVD (914-DVD) for $265, or VHS (914-VT) for $239. The programs are available separately for $155 (DVD) and $139 (VHS). The DVD format includes a special “Message for Management,” additional commentary from industry veterans, an interactive quiz with correct/incorrect remediation, three more topic-specific “Hazard Perception Challenge” scenarios, and a review of key points from the main program.
J.J. Keller & Associates

Ladder for climbing trailers
Transportation Innovation Products says its Step-A-Side ladder system for both flatbed and van trailers can be set up and in use in about 15 seconds, anywhere on the flatbed’s “rub-rail.” With the handles extended, the driver is afforded the correct angle and leverage to mount and dismount the trailer safely, the company says. Constructed of HREW steel tubing and powder-coated to help protect it from the elements, the Step-A-Side ladder – which weighs less than 15 pounds – also has slip-resistant rungs, along with rubber feet for use in free-standing applications, according to Transportation Innovation Products. While the closed compact size is designed to allow the ladder to be stored under the sleeper or in a side box, its overall length is more than 6 feet with the handles extended.
Transportation Innovation Products

Ratchet crimp tool
Del City has introduced a ratchet crimp tool with four crimp stations ranging from 22 through 8 gauges. The tool’s crimp nests are color-coded to allow the user to match the correct terminal quickly, while its mating mechanism is designed to prevent the jaws from slipping or misalignment. Del City says the comfortable, ergonomic tool features a long handle to make it easier to crimp with a minimal amount of force required; a release switch near the handle is easy to understand and use, operating with a simple push toward the crimp nest. The tool is designed for heat-shrink terminals and also can be utilized for standard insulated terminals.
Del City

Kits with clutch, transmission components
Eaton Corp. says it has made ordering of replacement kits for Fuller clutches simpler and faster by combining key clutch and transmission components into one convenient package. Kits are available for the RT Series and FR Series for both of Eaton’s Easy-Pedal and Solo clutch designs. The kit contains the replacement clutch, four clutch release shaft bushings, front bearing cover gasket, outer and inner input shaft snap rings, shift lever tower gasket, front bearing cover, clutch housing gasket, input shaft bearing, pilot bearing, input shaft assembly, clutch brake and clutch release fork. Eaton says Fuller clutch replacement kits are available for virtually all makes and models of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in North America.
Eaton Corp.

Truck tire changer
Ranger Products says its R2600HD super-duty truck tire changer is designed to be safe, fast and efficient, allowing users to change truck, bus, agricultural and offroad tires from 14 inches to 26 inches in just minutes. A portable remote-control allows multiple functions for operator and time-saving convenience, according to the company; features include an electric-hydraulic drive system, multidirectional self-centering hydraulic clamp chuck, quick positioning mount/demount arm, hydraulic sled and a single-piece frame for additional rigidity. Hydraulically operated spreader-type jaws help ensure secure clamping of virtually all rims and offroad-style wheels.
Ranger Products

Cold-water pressure washers