Hiner Transport adopts TL/CIS to analyze profitability

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Transportation Costing Group (TCG), specialists in activity-based profitability and cost analysis tools for the transportation industry, announced that Huntington, Indiana-based Hiner Transport has adopted its Truckload Cost Information System (TL/CIS) to analyze customer profitability and lane selection by actual, real costs in a real-time manner.

“Our goal by incorporating TCG into our company is to have a more detailed, easily understandable flow of information to help us make the right choices for improved earnings,” stated Paul James, president of Hiner Transport. “Since TCG ties directly to the General Ledger we are able to analyze true costs and profits and not just estimated amounts. This capability gives us a simpler, more effective way to look at our operations.”

TCG’s TL/CIS system will use data pulled in part from Hiner’s enterprise transportation software system, TMWSuite, to determine the costs and profitability of each customer, market and lane. That information is then tied back the Hiner’s financials to determine the exact bottom line impact. The newly released interface to TMWSuite