Transplace awards top carriers

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Transplace, Inc., a provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, announced during its 2008 Carrier Symposium the winners of four key 2007 performance awards. Gathering Monday in Rogers, Ark., carriers of all service profiles came together to discuss industry issues as well as get an update on Transplace’s Carrier Merit Program such as the Carrier Merit and Carrier Pay On-Demand programs.

“Transplace brought our carrier partners together for a day to share best practices, continue to improve our business relationships, learn from one another and recognize the top performers,” said Kyle Alexander, general manager, strategic development for Transplace. “We are ecstatic with the turnout of our inaugural Carrier Symposium and the feedback we’ve received from our carriers. We look to next year to be an even bigger event and greater success.”

During the Carrier Symposium, Transplace handed out four awards that recognized three carriers. The four awards and respective winners include:

Transplace Carrier of the Year Award, Southern Freight, Inc. – Dave Collins, vice president of sales
Best On-Time Service Award, Southern Freight, Inc. – Bob Fauls, owner and president
Best e-Business Carrier Award, USA Truck – Jay Gasaway, national sales manager
Best Customer Service Performance, Heartland Express – Mark Baker, regional sales manager

For the 2008 awards, Transplace was much more data-centric in its selection of carriers for these nominations and subsequent awards. Transplace used corporate-wide, quantitative data for each award selection. “Transplace identified its top carriers based on statistical data, qualitative survey feedback and overall performance metrics,” added Alexander. “We wanted the awards to be truly reflective of the actual carrier’s performance this year.” A new process was used to develop the specific nominees for each award category and a formal survey was issued to the Transplace organization where nominees were voted for based on specific qualitative criteria such as performance at the account level, professionalism within the relationship and the ability to assist when Transplace needed capacity for its customer base.

To be eligible for receiving the Carrier of the Year Award, a carrier must have met the following requirements:

Hauled at least 1,500 loads for Transplace,
Provided freight services to at least five Transplace accounts,
Maintained an on-time pick-up and delivery of 95 percent or better,
Contracted as a truckload carrier,
Maintained an excellent customer service relationship across all accounts,
Utilized EDI capabilities extensively, and
Provided regular feedback and communication to all levels of management.

A survey was distributed to Transplace internal accounts to vote on the top six carriers that met the above criteria. Winning Transplace Carrier of the Year Awards was Southern Freight, which maintained a stellar 99 percent on-time pickup and 98.8 percent on-time delivery for 2007.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Transplace for two awards this year,” said Bob Fauls, owner and president of Southern Freight. “This is a true testament to our employees that through hard work and dedication, we have achieved the accomplishment of not only winning Transplace’s Best On-Time Service Award, but winning the distinguished Transplace Carrier of the Year Award. We couldn’t be happier, and look to set the bar even higher for next year.”

Transplace hopes to include two additional awards next year – Best New Carrier and Best Private Fleet Carrier Awards – and will continue to look for those carriers that fit the criteria needed in order to be selected for these two awards.