Oil Purification Systems endorses EPA’s WasteWise program

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Oil Purification Systems, developer and manufacturer of the OPS-1 onboard oil refining system, announced its participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise program. As a WasteWise endorser, OPS will help promote environmental sustainability to its customers, partners and suppliers; continue to bring attention to the issue of reducing waste oil; and work with other WasteWise members to create positive partnerships to encourage awareness of environmental issues.

WasteWise is a free, voluntary EPA program through which organizations eliminate costly municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes, benefiting their bottom line and the environment. WasteWise is a flexible program that allows partners to design their own waste reduction programs tailored to their needs, and also provides free technical assistance to help organizations develop, implement and measure waste reduction activities.

“EPA applauds OPS for its commitment to reducing waste and improving the quality of our environment,” says Matt Hale, EPA’s director of the Office of Solid Waste. “OPS and other WasteWise endorsers have a unique opportunity to encourage their clients to adopt resource conservation practices into their operations, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving energy.”

For any organization that employs a large fleet of trucks or other industrial equipment, disposing of waste oil can produce a multitude of harmful effects to the environment. The OPS-1 system is designed to remove the solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, continually keeping the oil clean and virtually eliminating the need for routine oil changes. Lubricating oil, unlike fuels, must be disposed of when it becomes contaminated. Fewer oil changes mean less oil that goes back into the environment. The OPS-1 system also contributes to the effort to decrease America’s dependence on oil, the company says; broad adoption of the OPS technology could decrease national consumption by close to 2 billion barrels per year, and global adoption could cut consumption by many times that amount.

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“OPS remains firmly committed to helping customers in a variety of industries – including trucking, waste management, construction and mining, to name a few – to minimize negative effects to the environment,” says Mitch Weseley, president and chief executive officer of Shelton, Conn.-based OPS. “Not only do our customers realize a significant cost savings with the OPS-1 system, but they are also able to do their part in protecting the environment. Our involvement with the EPA’s WasteWise program is just one more way that we can demonstrate that technology can be both cost-effective and good for the environment.”