Peterbilt’s low-profile Model 388

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Peterbilt’s low-profile Model 388
Peterbilt Motors Co. has introduced a low-profile configuration for the Model 388 specifically designed for the car carrier industry. Now available for order through Peterbilt’s Dealer Network, the new Model 388 Low Profile Configuration has been optimized with a lower cab height to allow for an aftermarket installation of an over-the-cab car carrier body to maximize the number of vehicles that may be hauled, according to the truck maker.

The lower cab height gives customers the ability to transport larger vehicles over the cab. The Model 388 Low Profile Configuration can be specified with a wide variety of drivetrain and suspension options, and can accommodate engines up to 600 hp. Peterbilt says the Model 388 Low Profile Configuration also retains the company’s signature styling with technological and aerodynamic enhancements for image-conscious and performance-driven fleets and owner-operators.

“The new Low Profile Model 388 provides an ideal option for customers requiring lower height requirements,” says Larry Reding, assistant general manager of sales and marketing for Denton, Texas-based Peterbilt. “The Model 388 refines traditional Peterbilt styling with fuel-efficient enhancements to raise the bar for performance, durability and resale value.”

Peterbilt says the Model 388 Low Profile Configuration features:

  • A slightly sloped aluminum hood that increases visibility and features removable aluminum fenders and a proprietary anti-blow-down locking mechanism to prevent unintentional closure;
  • New halogen projector aluminum headlamps and long-life LED directional signals that are protected with an impact-resistant lens. Forward lighting is increased by 226 percent, and bulb life is extended by nearly 600 percent;
  • A lightweight all-aluminum cab that features
    aircraft-grade fasteners, lap seam construction and bulkhead-style doors for toughness and corrosion resistance. It provides years of virtually watertight rattle-free performance;
  • A multiplex electrical system that offers diagnostic simplicity and reliability. The Electronic Service Analyst monitors the entire system, isolates sensors and gauges, and maintains an event log; and
  • A durable chassis design that provides excellent handling and maneuverability. The set-forward front-axle configuration uses longer springs for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Peterbilt Motors Co.

Extended Day Cab for Kenworth C500 vocational
Kenworth Truck Co. now offers an Extended Day Cab option for the Kenworth C500 model in vocational off-highway use, serving demanding applications such as oilfield, mining, heavy haul, logging and construction. The Kirkland, Wash.-based truck maker says the Extended Day Cab further enhances driver comfort with an additional six inches of length and five inches of cab height compared to Kenworth’s traditional day cab; it also offers two more inches behind the wheel, additional leg room, up to 21 degrees of recline in the driver’s seat, and two extra cubic feet of storage behind the driver’s seat. The Extended Day Cab – available for new C500s with a 2007 or later engine and with either a one-piece or two-piece curved glass windshield – also is available on T660, T800 and W900 models.
Kenworth Truck Co.

Lift axle for roll-off chassis
Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems says its Composilite RO lift-axle model is designed specifically for Class 8 roll-off vehicles. The 13,500-pound-capacity RO fixed-axle model fits flat to the frame to facilitate maximum clearance from cylinder beams, attachments and sliding components; scalloped hangers aid in the clearance around roll-off cylinders. Composilite RO springs and parallelogram components are positioned inside the frame rails, retaining a compact 23.5-inch packing space, according to the company; beams are spaced inboard one-inch for additional clearance, and air spring plates mount to the inside of the frame rail. The parallelogram design helps keep lift-axle beams parallel to facilitate proper wheel tracking and enhance tire life, while lift plates remain parallel to help extend air spring life. The stabilizer features a cover to help protect the stabilizing rod from dirt and debris throughout travel. The Composilite RO fixed axle delivers 13 inches of travel and 10 inches of lift, and weighs 905 pounds, the company says.

High-intensity LED modules
Superior Signals has added High Intensity LED modules to its Meteorlite product line. The X Series 6 or 9 high-intensity LEDs with side-angle optics are designed to offer optimal brightness and visibility. According to the company, the weather-resistant modules are epoxy-encapsulated for both interior and exterior use and are capable of up to 19 built-in selectable flash patterns, including simultaneous or alternation flashing with amber, blue, clear and red LEDs. The draw for the model SYLEDX06 six-LED module is 0.70 amps, while the SYLEDX09 nine-LED module’s draw is 10.5 amps.
Superior Signals

Improved filter
Donaldson Co. describes its Synteq XP filter as the next generation of its original Synteq media technology. Synteq first was used in Donaldson lubrication, fuel and hydraulic filters to improve filter performance by increasing efficiency. The company says Synteq XP media technology improves filtration performance by using a resin-free bonding technique to provide enhanced engine and system component protection, lower operating pressure drop, longer filter life (two to three times that of traditional cellulose filter media), higher filtration efficiency and versatile packaging.
Donaldson Co.

Battery timer
Lind Electronics says its Shut Down Timer (SDT) helps prevent overdischarge of batteries in all types of utility, service and emergency vehicles. The device is programmed to turn off electrical loads at a preset time after the vehicle’s ignition is shut off. The Lind SDT is designed to be set easily with a screwdriver, while a rapid-testing function helps operators know immediately that the timer is set and operating properly.
Lind Electronics

Longhaul, regional tires
Toyo Tire says its M137 premium high-performance steer radial for longhaul over-the-highway applications is designed to deliver more miles per 32nds to operators driving coast-to-coast. The company also recently introduced its M154 ultrapremium all-steel regional highway tire for medium trucks.

The M137 is a product of Toyo’s “e-balance” design technology for commercial truck tires that focuses on a stiffer belt package, stiffer bead construction and optimization through simulation technology. Benefits, according to the company, include improved tire life, improved endurance, improved irregular wear resistance and improved fuel consumption. A new tread design provides even contact pressure distribution across the tread surface, resulting in smooth wear and extended tire life, according to the company, while an innovative casing profile maintains a more uniform and flatter tread radius, also improving tire life. Toyo says the M137 also has excellent profile retention as a result of e-balance technology, which reduces strain at the belt and ply turn-up edges; during operation, special cap and base tread compounds reduce heat at the belt edge and excessive heat buildup inside the tire structure. Its 15/32nd deep five-rib design is coupled with deep sipes and four straight multipitched grooves to facilitate enhanced water drainage and wet traction in challenging weather conditions. Vehicle safety also is improved, the company says, while tire noise is reduced with the aid of T-Mode, Toyo’s computer tire simulation technology. The M137 is available in two sizes, 295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5.

The M154, also created using e-balance, is designed for steer applications, but also is suited for use in any position. The design of the M154 results in improved tire life, endurance and resistance to irregular wear, while also improving fuel consumption, according to the company. The new tread design of the M154 helps provides even contact pressure distribution across the entire tread surface, the company says; its 22/32nd deep five-rib design, coupled with deep sipes, helps provide additional water drainage for wet weather traction. The M154’s tread features a straight differential rib in the outer groove to help prevent uneven wear by channeling uniform distribution of friction energy throughout the tread surface; additionally, numerous sipes in the outer groove help prevent “river wear” by absorbing energy at the rib edge. A stone ejector groove in the center tread helps limit stone drilling. Toyo says the M154 has an optimized casing profile that helps maintain a uniform, flatter tread radius during service; this design also results in added casing durability and retreadability. The casing profile, along with special cap and base tread compounds, help reduce shear strain at the belt edge and eliminate excessive heat buildup inside the tire, according to the company. The Toyo M154 will be available this spring in a 295/75R22.5; future sizes include a 285/75R24.5 in the summer; 11R22.5 and 11R24.5, both in LRG and LRH, in the fall; and near the end of 2008, 265/75R22.5 and 245/75R22.5.
Toyo Tire

Cooling system treatment
Professional DiFM Cooling System Treatment from Bar’s Leaks is formulated to protect vehicle cooling systems and seal internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks. It can be used in any vehicle, as well as stationary equipment, and is compatible with all types and brands of antifreeze, including conventional green or blue (silicate-based) and extended-life red/orange or yellow (OAT/HOAT) coolant, the company says; it also works in systems containing only water, although in these cases a cooling system anti-rust and water pump lube also is recommended. The tablets, which are five grams each for easier installation in modern radiator necks, fully dissolve in minutes, according to Bar’s Leaks; the treatment inhibits the formation of rust and scale, keeps the cooling system clean, neutralizes pH imbalance, controls electrolysis and lubricates the water pump seal. The company says it also seals and stops radiator tank seam seal leaks, leaks around head bolt threads, core plug leaks, hose connection leaks (cold water leaks), coolant-to-oil leaks and most other internal and external leaks. The product will not damage the cooling system and is nontoxic, according to Bar’s Leaks, and is harmless to all plastic, metals, hoses and connections. One container contains 100 tablets. Initial application is four tablets per gallon of cooling system capacity; for preventive maintenance, two tablets per gallon of cooling system capacity should be installed directly into the radiator every 15,000 miles.
Bar’s Leaks

Universal inground lift
Rotary Lift says its X Pad frame-contact adapter for its MOD30 inground lift helps improve productivity in garages for public works and transit fleets that don’t have the space or budget to install a variety of lifts to service the wide range of vehicles they maintain. The adapter is designed to temporarily replace the standard axle-engaging adapter on the MOD30’s rear post so that the lift can pick up vehicles with independent front or rear suspensions, such as cars and minivans. The adapter uses the same arms as light-duty inground lifts to reach manufacturer-recommended pick-up points on cars, light trucks and vans, according to the company; rated load capacity using the adapter is 9,000 pounds. The X Pad can be ordered with a new MOD30, or it can be added to an existing MOD30; no permanent installation is required.
Rotary Lift

Forklift safety grips
ForkGrips are designed to improve forklift safety by keeping truck drivers and other employees away from danger and safely off the truck when unloading. Allowing workers to remain on the ground, away from the forklift and truck, helps reduce the risk of falls and forklift accidents. ForkGrips are made to allow cargo to be dragged closer to the edge of the truck by using just the tips of the forks, without the cargo slipping off; there is no employee involvement, and no need to climb onto the truck to push, pull or chain the cargo because the forklift is able to reach safely under the load to remove it from the truck. ForkGrips are placed around the ends of the forks when needed and fit all standard forks up to six inches wide, the company says.

Tire pressure monitor
Doran Manufacturing says its 360HD Tire Pressure Monitoring System provides the driver “at-a-glance” status updates with a proprietary “Green Means GOOD” indicator. The system is designed to monitor up to 36 tires for truck, tractor and trailer applications with wireless spin-welded corrosion-resistant sensors that are screwed on to the valve stems and transmit a signal to a monitor in the cab. The driver is alerted through multiple alarm types (audible, location, pressure and warning symbol) and with a “Fast Leak” alarm so that low-pressure problems can be addressed immediately, according to the company. A monitor includes a digital LCD screen with backlit display and comes equipped with four-way navigational buttons. Additionally, a “sleep” mode is designed to ensure that the vehicle stays protected at all times; tire pressures are monitored, but potential warnings are withheld until the driver turns the ignition on. Installation of the system – which works with dual-wheel or wide-base-single configurations – can be accomplished in about an hour per truck/trailer, Doran says.
Doran Manufacturing

Natural gas-powered vehicle
Sterling Truck Corp. says its Set-Back 113 fueled with Natural Gas is suited for port operations, as well as natural gas utilities and municipalities. An OEM factory-built product, the truck is powered by the Cummins Westport ISL G, an 8.9-liter stoichiometric cooled-exhaust gas recirculation engine designed to offer low emissions without sacrificing top-level performance and efficiency. Available in ratings up to 320 hp, the ISL G meets Environmental Protection Agency 2010 standards with 85 percent lower NOx emissions than the C Gas Plus engine and features an optimized turbocharger, Sterling says. The ISL G also features a maintenance-free exhaust system with a three-way catalyst, according to the company; no further technology or aftertreatment is required to meet 2010 emissions standards. Sterling says the durable, reliable Set-Back 113 features a roomy and comfortable cab, as well as superb visibility, maneuverability, ride and handling.
Sterling Truck Corp.

Lots of switches
Waytek has added a new selection of E-Stop, Push Button and Selector Switches to its line of electrical wiring supply products. The company says the switches are rugged, reliable and easy to install without the use of special tools. The modular design enables functional and compact assembly, according to Waytek, while the contact elements are self-cleaning and operate in double-breaking action. The switches are rated 12 amps at 24V DC and 6 amps at 120V AC. A variety of control station enclosures and operators are available for creating a custom assembly.

Halogen flood lamps
Del City says its new line of halogen flood lamps features lens refractor technology and free-form lens that offer 30 percent more illumination. The lamp housing, available in black or white, is manufactured from an ultraviolet heat-stabilized plastic and incorporates a cable sealing system to help reduce the risk of debris from entering the lamp, according to the company. Changing the 55-watt H3 bulb is simple and easy with the two-screw cover removal, Del City says. Dual-swivel mounting brackets are designed to allow the lamps to be positioned at various angles, and all chrome-plated stainless-steel mounting hardware is included with each lamp.
Del City

Heavy-duty welder
HTP America says its MIG 2400 welder, equipped with a cast-aluminum four-roller gear drive system, provides a smooth wire feed with any thickness of wire, including .045, and can handle up to 30-pound spools of wire. The MIG 2400 wire feed system is designed to deliver a solid, even wire feed with longer welding guns. A wire feed accelerator facilitates smooth starting, and a burnback timer allows users to set wire stickout. The MIG 2400, with 240 amps of power and 24 heat settings, welds steel from thin sheet metal to 1/2-inch thick, and is suited for projects ranging from light fabrication to building a heavy-duty frame. Users can display either the welding amperage or the welding voltage digitally, which allows them to adjust the welder precisely for any job. The MIG 2400 also is designed to allow users to reverse polarity without using tools, making it easier to weld with flux cored wire. A 25- or 50-foot-long spool gun is available separately.
HTP America

Regional steer tire
Double Coin and CMA say the Double Coin RT606+ solid-shoulder regional steer tire takes the core specifications of the 2006-released RT606 and upgrades it to enhance performance and durability for the regional pickup-and-delivery trucking segment. The tire has a 22/32-inch tread depth, with 23 percent more usable tread than most normal steer position tires, according to the companies. Special features to enhance performance in high-scrub applications include extra sipes in the tread area for higher traction, water dispersion and even wear; platform stone ejectors to reduce stone drilling in the casing and preserve retreadability; wide shoulders to enhance maneuverability and deliver even footprint pressure; and special tread compounds to fight scrub and irregular wear. Tire sizes include 11R22.5/14, 11R24.5/14, 295/75R22.5/14, 285/75R24.5/14, 11R22.5/16 and 11R24.5/16.
Double Coin

Trailer ABS mileage inspection system
Lite-Check has introduced the latest version of its Inspector test and inspection system software, Version 8.2. The company describes its Inspector software as the heart of its Inspector 910B products; the latest release brings the ability to read the mileage information contained in trailer antilock braking system electronic control units manufactured by Haldex, Bendix and Wabco. When operating with software Version 8.2, Lite-Check testers are programmed to read cumulative mileage information from the following trailer ABS ECUs that communicate using the PLC standard: all Haldex models, Bendix models EC30 and TABS6, and Wabco model year 2004 and newer.

On-/off-road wide single
Michelin Americas Truck Tires has expanded its line of wide single tires to include on-/off-road applications. The Michelin X One XZY3 tire is an all-position radial tire designed for weight savings and fuel savings in on-/off-road operations. The tire features a long tread life using a special compound with outstanding chip and cut resistance needed for an off-road application, according to the company; with an original tread depth of 23/32, the tire’s flat and stable contact patch reduces irregular wear thanks to Michelin Infini-Coil Technology, which features a quarter-of-a-mile of steel cable wrapped circumferentially around the casing. Enhanced protection from stone drilling is provided by variable pitch groove walls and groove bottom protectors in the center grooves. The X One XZY3 tire provides a reinforced bead package featuring a wide metallic chafer, designed to facilitate great bead durability and resistance to heat, which is common in stop/start applications. The aggressive shoulder design delivers outstanding wet and soft soil traction, according to the company, while Michelin’s co-extrusion rubber technology provides cooler on-road operating temperatures at speeds up to 75 mph. The X One XZY3 tire is available in a 445/55R22.5 size.
Michelin Americas Truck Tires

LED single-diode backup lamps
Grote says its SuperNova LED single-diode backup lamps provide premium light output, rivaling multidiode versions. Dovetailing on proprietary LED WhiteLight technology, the lamps utilize surface mount automation and leverage the latest diode advancements in light output and the company’s advanced optic design capabilities. The lamps, featuring Grote’s standard male pin and hard-shell terminations, are encapsulated in patented specially formulated potting designed to provide thermal protection, as well as corrosion, shock and moisture resistance. The lamps meet all FMVSS 108 and SAE requirements for visibility and safety, while also providing strength, reliability and durability, according to the company.
Grote Industries