ALK to discontinue PC Miler|FleetCommander

ALK Technologies has announced the end-of-life notification and last order date for PC Miler|FleetCommander.

For all existing users of PC Miler|FleetCommander who are members of ALK’s Annual Update Program, the company will release Version 21 in June 2008 and Version 22 in July 2008. The release of Version 22 will mark the final release of the product. ALK will continue to provide technical support on PC Miler|FleetCommander until June 30, 2009. At that time, no further support will be provided.

For fleets that are using an older version of PC Miler|FleetCommander or are planning on upgrading to the newer version releases, the last order date for PC Miler|FleetCommander is Wednesday, June 18, 2008.

With this end-of-life notification, ALK says it offers other PC Miler solutions that provide similar functionality. Those products include:

  • PC Miler Web Services, a hosted interfacing application providing PC Miler map data and functionality quickly and efficiently to customers; it does this regardless of the IT infrastructure via a schema-driven XML/SOAP interface developed in Microsoft .NET, packaged as a Web Service.
  • ALK|FleetSuite, a collection of software solutions created specifically to reduce operating costs and improve customer service; by providing information through a Microsoft-based XML Service, ALK|FleetSuite integrates with existing production environments and existing in-cab communications equipment.