Donaldson flying high with Pulse Jet Air Cleaning Ultra system

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Donaldson Co. says it designed its Pulse Jet Air Cleaning (PJAC) Ultra self-cleaning air cleaner for maximum engine protection, minimized filter element servicing, improved fuel economy and vehicle engine power. The air cleaner is suited for applications operating in demanding environmental conditions, as well as military vehicles.

Donaldson says the PJAC is a self-cleaning air filter that cleans filter elements with short duration pulses of compressed air. The two-stage air filtration technology is designed to ensure the best engine protection and a longer lifecycle due to minimized filtration servicing with no scavenge required.

Designed with the company’s proprietary UltraWeb Nanofiber filtration technology, the PJAC Ultra air cleaner provides the highest level of efficiency – more than 99.997 percent – and has a filter life of more than 200 hours, according to the company. Manufactured with a durable corrosion-resistant coated metal housing, the air cleaner is built with Donaldson’s proprietary Vacuator Valve designed to release dust automatically.

The technology is scalable to meet customer space requirements and requires no tools for servicing, the company says. For more information, go to