Xatanet enables proof of delivery

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Xata Corp, a provider of fleet operations software, announced that it has integrated proof-of-delivery (POD) software with Xatanet, its on-demand fleet operations software. Xata says its POD approach delivers increased levels of integration and flexibility with its fleet management applications. Xata says its POD enablement will look to such partners as SAE and Airversent – providers of POD solutions – to offer customers near real-time communication of delivery exceptions and the elimination of driver paperwork.

With its latest release, Xatanet enables Systems Application Engineering’s (SAE) Proof of Delivery functionality, running on a Symbol handheld device to integrate with a Xatanet-supported in-cab device, according to the company; future releases will see enablement of Airversent POD, increased handheld device support and increasingly tighter integration.

Xata says its POD enablement uses Xatanet’s vehicle data and the POD software inventory data to take the burden of paperwork off drivers, thus increasing productivity by allowing them to focus on driving and delivery; collecting delivery and inventory data electronically also eliminates errors associated with paperwork and lets users automatically record inventory changes, satisfying customer needs with increased speed and efficiency. Xata says POD functionality also allows drivers to obtain proof-of-delivery signatures, validate orders at delivery and record inventory status electronically, which eliminates paperwork for the driver.

“This is part of our strategy to enable the best-of-class fleet management solutions in the marketplace,” says Tom Flies, senior vice president of product strategy for Minneapolis-based Xata Corp. “It demonstrates our commitment to offering a flexible platform that helps our customers not only do their jobs more efficiently, but also to reduce costs and serve their customers better than ever.”