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Sterling’s integrated sleeper
Sterling Truck Corp. introduced the Sterling NightShift, a new integrated sleeper designed to maximize productivity and driver retention in regional haul applications. The company says the NightShift features best-in-size storage for a midsize-midroof sleeper, a stand-up walk-through configuration and a significant amount of natural light.

Designed for the less-than-truckload, distribution and leasing markets, the NightShift is suited for drivers who travel multiple days per week. The integrated sleeper is available in a 60-inch midroof configuration for the Sterling Set-Back 113 and Set-Back 122 models.

“Our customers have asked for a sleeper configuration, and we listened,” says Richard Shearing, manager of product strategy for Redford, Mich.-based Sterling. “We have developed a working-class sleeper that provides outstanding comfort and storage. In addition, fleet owners will benefit from better-rested, more productive drivers, all geared to help improve driver retention – and their bottom line.”

Sterling says the NightShift’s amenities include:

Sleeper storage: The NightShift features a flexible storage configuration, including the wraparound sleeper storage and overhead console – making use of all available space to rest and work. The sleeper includes a space-maximizing overhead rear wall and forward center storage, side storage cabinets and under-bunk storage. “Drivers often noted that there wasn’t much room in their sleepers and the room they did have was inefficient,” Shearing says. “We therefore incorporated useful storage in every possible area.”

Driver comfort: One of the key benefits in the NightShift is a standard 8-inch quilted-spring mattress, rather than the industry-standard 4-inch foam mattress. “Along with having a reliable truck, getting a good night’s rest was equally as important to drivers,” Shearing says. “The availability of a top-of-the-line mattress is one way we can satisfy drivers’ comfort needs.”

Another comfort feature found in the NightShift is its significant headroom. With an 80-inch floor-to-ceiling height – enough for a 6-foot, 4-inch driver – and ample room between the seats, the driver easily can stand up and walk through the cab to the sleeper without crouching or bending over. Also, because the floor is flat between the cab and the sleeper, the driver does not have to navigate any steps or ledges.

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The NightShift also offers Sterling’s clear view 36-by-10-inch back window, which improves visibility by providing drivers with a better back-up view and jobsite visibility. In addition, the combination of the back and side windows increases natural light, which can reduce eye strain and driver fatigue – a common problem noted by drivers.

Interior amenities: The NightShift’s dash and sleeper control panels feature a new contemporary finish. A pull-out workspace sized for a computer or logbook also is available, as well as a 32-liter coolbox that can serve as a refrigerator or freezer – the only one in its class. Plus, drivers have extra room to install a television and microwave.

Other interior amenities include a single bunk with tent-style restraints, an upper television cabinet with electrical outlets and connection capabilities, privacy curtains and an over-windshield console with CB connections.

Exterior styling: The truck’s exterior features include a right-hand access door with a sliding window and a left-hand window with a sliding section for ventilation. Also standard is a left-hand luggage door and rear work lights. Optional side fairings and roof fairing with trim tabs are available for highway applications where aerodynamics are critical.

Noise control: The Sterling NightShift comes standard with Sterling’s noise control package, which delivers a significant noise reduction during peak torque engine rpms. This noise package includes new door and engine cover seals, shift boot and steering boot material and construction, a new door weather seal for improved surface contact, front-wall interpanel sealing and front-wall joints on the floor between the seats.
Sterling Truck Corp.

Tester for trailer electrical systems, air brakes
Innovative Products of America says its Mobile Universal Trailer Tester (MUTT) allows users to troubleshoot and repair trailer electrical systems and perform leak-down tests on trailer air brakes quickly. The tester – which is equipped with rugged, mobile 10-inch pneumatic tires – is engineered for use on all North American trailers, according to the company; a wireless remote operates lights and air brakes up to 100 feet away. Two MUTT models are available: the 7900A Lighting Tester, available with the 7900APX add-on air-brake testing kit; and the 7900AP Lighting and Air Brake Tester, which includes air brake hoses and a remote control.
Innovative Products of America

Tire leak detection
Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. says its TI-96 Tire Inspector is a heavy-duty tire testing machine designed to find leaks in truck tires that are not mounted on a wheel. The demountable hub system is an integral part designed to allow the tires to quickly be mounted and inflated with air. Expandable hubs are available to accommodate tires sizes from 15 to 24.5 inches. A Power Lift assembly is designed to raise the tire off the floor and lower the tire into the test tank, while the lift arm pivots on a large vertical support frame. An integrated control panel is designed to simplify operation of the expandable hub, while a foot valve operates the lifting arm that raises and lowers the tires. A rugged, heavy tubular frame helps support the tire and lift arm, and a water extractor helps make removing water from the pneumatic system easy. The view glass facilitates visual detection of water in the system, while a drain valve helps purge any moisture. The large water test tank, manufactured of heavy-gauge steel, is designed to accommodate large wide truck tires and features a drain to empty the water when required.
Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co.

Fuel-stingy reefers
Thermo King says its SB+ line of temperature control units for trailers – which includes the SB-110+, SB-210+ and SB-310+, all for trailers, and the SB-310R+ for rail applications – was developed to help offset higher fuel costs, higher operating costs and increased driver turnover. Among several enhancements to the previous units, every unit in the new line comes standard with OptiSet Plus, designed to make choosing optimum unit settings simple for drivers and to reduce errors. According to the company, OptiSet Plus delivers:

  • Optimum cargo protection and improved cargo quality;
  • Fuel savings when used along with the features of the SR-2 controller;
  • Maximum shelf life for fresh commodities;
  • Reduced shipper and driver errors;
  • A library of more than 500 temperature-sensitive commodity profiles;
  • The ability to install 64 profiles per unit; and
  • Technology backed by research from food and agricultural industry experts.

Thermo King says the SB-210+ also offers the option of adding SmartPower, which is designed to allow the unit to operate on electric power in addition to being powered by the standard diesel engine. SmartPower saves fuel and can cut operating costs by up to 75 percent, all while reducing emissions, according to the company.
Thermo King Corp.

Wired, wireless color cameras
Mobile Awareness has announced VisionStat, its latest series of industrial wired and wireless commercial vehicle camera systems. Designed for easy installation, the rugged VisionStat camera systems can be configured with up to four infrared night-vision CCD cameras, the company says. Available in both wired and wireless, all of the camera types (front-, side- and rear-mounting) are waterproof and produce high-resolution images, according to Mobile Awareness. The 5.6-inch color monitor includes a control interface embedded into the monitor enclosure, a built-in audio speaker, turn signal switching and multiple mounting methods. Designed with the same form-factor as the wired version, the wireless edition has an embedded 2.4 GHz radio to facilitate quality video image transmission.
Mobile Awareness

Heavy-duty tire changer
Hunter says its TCX640HD heavy-duty truck tire changer is designed to meet the specific needs of shops servicing heavy-duty trucks, buses, tractors and other specialized equipment to make service faster and easier. The electrohydraulic-powered motor is designed to run only when the tire changer is in use, while the heavy-duty spindle head is built to support up to 3,500 pounds and work in unison with the universal clamping system to handle rims up to 46 inches in diameter or 56 inches with optional accessories. According to the company, all spindle and wheel carriage operations are controlled from a single control box mounted to a movable pedestal that can be positioned anywhere around the tire changer for maximum safety and visibility of operations.

Impact wrench
Snap-on Tools says its MG725 1/2-inch-drive impact wrench can help technicians remove lug nuts and change shocks and struts faster. The impact wrench features 1,190 foot-pounds of bolt breakaway torque and a free speed of 8,000 rpm and 1,270 blows per minute, according to the company. With its one-piece housing, the MG725 is designed to be a durable, lightweight and balanced unit that minimizes vibration, which allows for less user fatigue. A field-replaceable cushion grip and cushion grip trigger button helps provide comfort with control, and a slim nose allows techs access into restricted applications and tight spaces. Snap-on says the MG725’s impact mechanism is lubricated continuously through its sealed-in oil bath with Red Line synthetic oil, and the wrench also comes with a protective boot to help keep it cleaner longer.
Snap-on Tools

‘Green’ glycerin coolant
Cummins Filtration says its Fleetguard ES Compleat Glycerin heavy-duty engine antifreeze/coolant uses nontoxic glycerin in lieu of traditional ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Glycerin is derived from renewable sources and is the primary byproduct of the biodiesel manufacturing process. The new formula meets or exceeds the performance specifications of all heavy-duty engine OEMs, including Cummins CES 14603, according to the company. With extended service intervals of 150,000 miles (250,000 km or 4,000 hrs), ES Compleat Glycerin is formulated to offer freeze protection to -32 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as liner pitting, corrosion, aluminum and solder protection for longer system life. Cummins Filtration says the coolant is compatible with gaskets, elastomers and other nonmetallics in the engine, and is suitable for all diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines. The prediluted formula eliminates the need for mixing concentrated product with water, ensuring the cleanest solution enters the cooling system and reducing costly maintenance time, according to the company.
Cummins Filtration

Brackets to protect rear observation cameras
ASA Electronics says it has designed a pair of heavy-duty camera bracket assemblies – the VCCS130AB Arch Bracket and the VCCS130WB “W” Bracket – for securing the Voyager Rear Observation System:

The arch bracket, designed to safely and securely mount a Voyager rear observation camera above the center brake light, helps keeps the camera out of the way of obstacles such as roll-up or swing-out doors, and helps eliminate the glow of the brake light from appearing on the observation monitor image in the cab. The arch bracket is developed specifically for Sprinter trucks and cargo vans.

The “W” bracket helps protect the camera from exterior elements such as branches, loading dock awnings and other obstructions. The “W” design is suited for step vans, walk-ins and straight trucks.
ASA Electronics

LED headlamps
Truck-Lite says it designed its 7-inch LED headlamps for the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market. The round white headlamps, which can be aimed using standard mechanical aiming equipment, meet or exceed all applicable Department of Transportation requirements and all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards pertaining to headlights, according to the company, and can replace any standard 7-inch round headlight within 24-volt applications. Truck-Lite says the LED light output of the headlamp, which uses 10 Luxeon LEDs as its light source, is brighter than traditional glass beam headlights, resulting in greater light projection and a crisper, whiter light output than halogen-sealed or bulb-replaceable lamps. While a typical headlamp may be rated to last 400 hours, Truck-Lite says its LED headlamps exceed that by as much as 50 times. The Luxeon technology used in the headlamps is designed to offer improved visibility over conventional incandescent or halogen lamps. Truck-Lite says the LED headlamp, which uses diode technology from Philips Lumileds, features potted circuit board assemblies for added shock and vibration resistance and polycarbonate lenses that have 30 times more impact strength than glass.

Directional LED
Ecco says its 3730 Directional LED is similar to its 3710 model, but the 3730 is significantly smaller, consisting of only three 1-watt LEDs. According to the company, the 3730 provides a budget-conscious option where a premium light with SAE Class II operation is required. The 3730’s compact size is designed to allow it to fit confined mounting locations; additional features include 14 flash patterns, including three integral alternating flash modes, synchronization capability and zero maintenance. A range of accessory brackets to maximize mounting options are available.

CCV fittings
Parker Hannifin Corp.’s Racor Division says its 90-degree fitting adapters for Racor CCV assemblies are designed to allow for a routing of hoses vertical to the crankcase filter. The fittings are designed to be locked in any orientation, according to the company; once installed, the customer can use any of Racor’s straight barb fittings to complete the installation. Customers can expect easier installation with the fittings, Racor says, and they also allow its CCV assemblies to be installed in new tighter applications out of reach of a straight barb fitting.
Parker Hannifin Corp.’s Racor Division