McLeod Imaging redefines product line as DocumentPower Enterprise

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McLeod Imaging, the document management arm of McLeod Software, announced today, May 13, the creation of DocumentPower Enterprise. Designed specifically for transportation companies, the integrated solution encompasses document imaging, rendition processing, forms recognition and report management components.

“DocumentPower Enterprise is a full and comprehensive solution,” says Tom McLeod, president and chief executive officer of McLeod Software, based in Birmingham, Ala. “Our document imaging product, now called DocumentPower, has been continually improved over the past 16 years. By incorporating the DocumentPower product with our advanced forms recognition, workflow and report writing software to create a complete solution now known as DocumentPower Enterprise, we are further distinguishing our imaging system with a name that better characterizes the truly robust enterprise solution we offer.”

According to the company, DocumentPower, McLeod Imaging’s base product, not only includes the basic scan and retrieve function, but also offers the ability to:

  • Select from an unlimited number of applications (electronic file cabinets);
  • Fax, print and e-mail from imaging;
  • Receive inbound faxes directly into imaging;
  • Print to imaging;
  • Import files to imaging in their native formats;
  • Receive images from an unlimited number of scanning stations and sources and index them remotely; and
  • Attach freeform notes to folders.
  • The company says modules comprising DocumentPower Enterprise that move DocumentPower from a full featured product to a complete document management system include:

  • Rendition Processing, which helps automate and streamline billing and payables procedures;
  • Enterprise WorkFlow, which replaces paper processes with a digital workflow where scanned documents are routed electronically to the right person at the right time;
  • Forms Recognition, which automatically indexes, doc types and files scanned documents; and
  • ERM (Electronic Report Management) for sending reports from McLeod Software’s LoadMaster or PowerBroker directly into imaging for electronic archival and retrieval.