Multi Service’s fuel card achieves PCI-DSS revalidation

Multi Service Corp. — a global provider of billing and payment systems, such as credit cards — announced that it has achieved Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) revalidation through February 2010.

The company provides program options to suit the varying needs of small and growing businesses, including a Rebate Program that offers fleets the opportunity to earn up to 10 cents back on every gallon of fuel they purchase within the Rebate Network. As a function of administering the fuel card program, Multi Service stores, processes and transmits transaction data.

“Fleets rely on the fuel card to minimize their fuel costs and streamline their administrative accounting costs,” says Jake Sitler, general manager of the MS Fuel Card Program. “But ensuring the privacy and security of their transaction data is equally important to us. Maintaining PCI-DSS compliance serves as evidence of our ongoing commitment to client-data integrity.”

PCI-DSS is an industry-adopted set of technical and operational standards implemented to prevent security vulnerabilities. The company says it underwent an extensive security audit in order to be named a fully-compliant Level 1 service provider. In order to maintain compliance certification, Multi Service says it will undergo annual revalidation.