Xata adds TREQ-M4 in-cab color display

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Xata Corp., a provider of fleet optimization software and services, announced Wednesday, May 20, the availability of the TREQ-M4 in-cab color display unit (CDU), the newest in-cab touchscreen computer provided by QSI Corp. The new display is available as an option for new Xata customers and as an upgrade for existing users of Xata products.

Xata says the TREQ-M4 is compatible with its MobileMax and Xatanet systems and gives end-users all the benefits of these two fleet management solutions, including in-cab navigation functions. According to the company, the TREQ-M4 has a bright screen that makes it easier for drivers to see, better allowing them to focus on the road and their job of driving safely to a destination.

“Continuing to offer upgraded products, such as the TREQ-M4, provided by Xata’s partners, demonstrates that we are committed to ensuring our customers have the top-shelf technology to meet their unique fleet requirements,” says Tom Flies, senior vice president of product management for Xata Corp., based in Minneapolis. “Together with Xata’s flexible software platform, the newest TREQ display provides our customers cost savings and enhancements that help drivers do their jobs better.”

The new display, developed and manufactured by Salt Lake City-based QSI Corp., is a lower-cost option and an addition to the Xata color in-cab device offering lineup that began with the M4’s bigger brother, the TREQ-L. The TREQ-M4 with navigation for the device will be available in July. The TREQ-M4 will be available to MobileMax users on Sept. 1.

“The TREQ-M4 device is a perfect match for the Xatanet and MobileMax product lines,” says James K. Elwell, QSI Corp.’s president and chief executive officer. “The new member of the TREQ product family provides an additional rugged and powerful mobile data terminal for users, which translates to a safer, more effective driving experience.”