House committee marks up TSA reauthorization bill

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The full House Committee on Homeland Security last week unanimously approved an amendment to the Transportation Security Administration Authorization Act (H.R. 2200), which includes the SAFE Truckers Act.

The SAFE Truckers Act eliminates duplicative and costly background checks, pre-empts states from requiring separate background checks and credentials for drivers transporting hazardous materials, and requires that Canadian and Mexican truck drivers undergo the same security background checks as U.S. drivers.

The amendment was offered by Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) and Subcommittee Chairwoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas). The committee unanimously approved the TSA reauthorization and reported it to the House of Representatives for consideration, which may occur as early as this week.

The American Trucking Associations, which has been pushing for passage of the SAFE Truckers Act since it first was introduced in 2006, says the inclusion of this legislation in TSA’s reauthorization is a major victory for the industry.