Interior trailer lighting system

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ROM Corp. says the latest version of its amp-saving DuroLumen LED Interior Trailer Lighting System provides more power savings, higher performance, a more robust design and CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) tolerance:
· Power savings: DuroLumen draws 1.34 amps at 13.6 volts, and lighting remains constant throughout the operating voltage range of 8.0 to 28.0 volts;
· Enhanced performance: A 10-LED array with reflective sidewalls and a clear lens provides better lighting, as does a wide viewing angle and 700-lumen intensity;
· Robust design: Rugged aluminum housing protects against corrosion, moisture and impact, and the LEDs are protected by an unbreakable polycarb lens; and
· Cool white color: CCT tolerance ensures bright white consistence.
ROM Corp.

Wheel cleaner
Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. says its automated WC-30 Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Cleaner safely and effectively cleans bead surface and rim flange areas on heavy-duty truck and off-highway aluminum and steel wheels sized from 20 to 32 inches, up to 20 inches wide. According to the company, the WC-30 is designed with operator protection in mind: The wheel is placed in a completely enclosed cabinet, where it rotates automatically, and the wire brush is adjusted manually to the proper cleaning position. The operator observes the entire procedure through the viewing windows, while all dust and debris is removed from the cleaning chamber by the internal 5 hp vacuum, the company says; all wheel lip and bead surfaces can be cleaned in as little as seven to 10 minutes.
Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co.

Terminal connector cleaners
IPA Tools says its terminal connector cleaners are designed for 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-way trailer connectors, as well as automobile, marine and industrial applications. The set of maintenance tools cleans both the male and female connections for 4- and 5-way flat connectors, 6-way round terminals and 7-way spade pin terminals, according to the company. The tools also are designed for use on bullet, butt and standard AWG terminal connectors. Regular cleaning with the tools helps maintain continuity and prevent circuit failure, while cutting away corrosion, according to IPA, which recommends use of deoxidation spray after cleaning for improved long-lasting connections.
IPA Tools

Regional tires
Goodyear says its two latest regional tires offer deeper tread depth and enhanced tread designs and compounds to maximize tire life in urban and regional driving conditions. According to the company, the two tires address the needs of multiple applications from city delivery to beverage to emergency vehicles and buses – plus longer regional runs.

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The G661 HSA steer and all-position tire is designed with a high scrub-resistant tread, utilizing multicompound construction that helps to extend tread life when used in local applications which require frequent turning, backing and braking. The G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology, intended for regional and local haul applications as a steer and all-position tire, is Goodyear’s first regional tire to offer the company’s proprietary fuel-saving Fuel Max technology, a compound designed to reduce rolling resistance in longer direct routes, improving fuel economy up to 4 percent.

The tires have a 22/32-inch tread depth, 2/32 inches deeper than previous Goodyear regional tires, giving both the G661 HSA and G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology extended miles to removal. Additionally, TredLock Technology, featuring interlocking microgrooves, helps to stiffen and stabilize the tread for long tread life. A new casing design for most sizes features full-sized super-tensile steel belts to help reinforce the tread for enhanced toughness.

The G661 HSA and G662 RSA with Fuel Max are available now in an 11R22.5 size, with the 295/75R22.5 size coming in June. The G661 HSA also will have the 11R24.5 size available in June.

LED switches
Del City says its latest LED switches, available in a variety of styles and colors, will intensify any standard switch panel. The company says its large assortment of illuminated switches will fit in almost any 12V DC switch application, and can snap-in or be wired easily to an existing electrical system. To simply upgrade a switch panel, the company says its chrome indicator light allows the user to easily identify when an accessory has been activated via its bright white LED; this light requires a low electrical draw and has a 100,000-hour usage life to facilitate a long-lasting fit.
Del City

Replacement fan clutch, repair kits
Horton Inc. says it has expanded its Klondike Series line to include a replacement fan clutch and repair kits for Kysor’s K26RA. The line extension includes Klondike 26, a rear-air replacement fan clutch, and kits for repair of Kysor K26 fan clutches, including rear-air major and seal kits, a lining kit for rear-air and front-air, and a hub bearing kit. Horton says its Klondike 26 fan clutch, which fits most applications and is easy to maintain, is engineered to keep a vehicle running even if it fails and will engage without air pressure, keeping an engine cool until the vehicle can be serviced. According to the company, all Klondike kits and components are interchangeable with the original-equipment fan clutches. Horton also provides kits to repair Kysor K22RA and K22FA.
Horton Inc.

Impact wrench, sockets
Snap-on says its 3/8-inch drive impact wrench (MG325) is twice as strong as previous models, and that its flank drive impact swivel sockets are designed specifically to withstand the torque output of the MG325. The impact wrench and flank drive socket sets cover most light-truck applications, according to the company, and are suited for general maintenance tasks and continuous-use facilities such as muffler and tire shops, small-engine repair facilities and manufacturing environments where weight and repetitive motion are concerns.

Hino stainless-steel accessories
Hino Trucks designed its HinoStyle line of stainless-steel accessories to add a custom look, resale value and aesthetic appeal to its 2005-2010 model-year trucks. The company says all trim pieces are made from premium-quality highly-polished 304-grade stainless steel with noncorrosive and nonmagnetic properties. HinoStyle accessories include items such as the sun visor, hood deflector, bumper covers, door handle trim, window and cab trim, anti-sail mudflaps, steps and step covers. All accessories – excluding electrical components – carry a 12-month unlimited-mileage warranty against defects in material or workmanship.
Hino Trucks

Trailer wire storage
Phillips Industries says its Q-Box has 50 percent more interior room to keep as many trailer wires as required organized and pinch-free. Supplemental electrical trailer systems, such as trailer-tracking and weigh-in-motion systems, leave little room for proper wire storage and manipulation in standard junction boxes. Phillips says that with the Q-Box, mechanics have plenty of room for additional wires and repairs, and they no longer have to use “shoulder leverage” to close an overloaded nosebox. The Q-Box is outfitted with Phillips’ QCS2 Quick-Connect Socket to help facilitate quick replacement of worn sockets. The housing is designed to be durable and weather-resistant to help keep interior wiring sealed against corrosion, chemicals and extreme weather. The Q-Box can be purchased without circuit breakers or with quick-change 15-, 20- or 30-amp circuit breakers included.
Phillips Industries

Quick-release gladhands
Sloan Transportation Products says its quick-release gladhands help prevent in-city trailer bouncing by releasing trailer brakes faster, reducing wear and tear on drums and linings, and reducing overall maintenance costs. The gladhands – available in both standard-serve and 37.5-degree emergency mounts – are color-coded to simplify identification, and the polyurethane seals are designed to resist wear and corrosion from harsh roadway chemicals, helping to prevent cracking and tearing. The gladhands meet all SAE specification J318 requirements, according to the company.
Sloan Transportation Products