CarrierWeb launches ReeferMate

CarrierWeb, a provider of mobile communication and information management services, announced the launch of the ReeferMate control solution, a refrigeration monitoring and control technology. ReeferMate’s real-time, two-way communication and control allows for complete visibility and enables fleet managers to monitor, manage and control all reefer assets from anywhere, according to the company.

CarrierWeb says ReeferMate interfaces directly to the microprocessor controllers of reefer units provided by all major manufacturers. ReeferMate is built with rugged, weatherproof components and is mounted in the cowling of the reefer compartment – all wiring, cabling and connectors are included – to support continuous monitoring, according to the company; the unit ties directly into the reefer power source or via the 7-way hitch, allowing real-time position, fuel and door monitoring when the reefer is turned off.

“Our customers are always looking to increase operating efficiencies, and the CarrierWeb ReeferMate offering is an important tool to help them quickly achieve those business objectives,” says John Marous, president and chief executive officer of CarrierWeb. “Our Always-On technology has been adopted by fleet owners who recognize that tracking, monitoring and communication technology is a key component in making better business decisions, protecting assets and cargo, and producing visible results to improve the bottom line.”

Key to the ReeferMate control solution is the two-way communication and control, with up-to-the-minute reefer status information, the company says. ReeferMate provides monitoring and control of reefer status that includes operating state, temperatures, alarms and alarm disposition clearing, power and battery status, and fuel level, CarrierWeb says; exception event information is reported in real time to any user and can be configured to be delivered to the appropriate personnel.

All information can be integrated into a fleet’s internal operations system in addition to being available on CarrierWeb’s website, according to the company.