EBE Technologies completes detention claims, invoice interface

EBE Technologies, a provider of business process management solutions for the transportation industry, announced the completion and implementation of its newest IDI Web portal interface for Lean Logistics.

IDI is a Web-based data entry solution designed to automatically populate data from carriers’ dispatch and accounting systems into and from shippers’ and intermediaries’ Web portals, requiring no manual data entry. This newest application automatically enters detention claims and invoice submissions into Lean Logistics’ website by the required timeframe, EBE says.

Carriers moving freight for shippers that utilize Lean logistics are tasked with two labor-intensive processes — entering detention claims and Internet invoice submission. Lean Logistics mandates the claims to be entered into the website prior to the detention and the invoice for that detention entered no later than five days after the occurrence. In addition to being labor-intensive, detention claims tend to be revenue leaks; many times detentions claims need to be made after hours or over the weekend when operations personnel are not available to claim the expense.

The IDI Lean Logistics application automates the detention update process by automatically populating the website with the detention information it receives from the carrier’s dispatch system, EBE says; since no manual keying-in of data is required, carriers are assured of timely and accurate submissions.

Additionally, IDI will monitor the submission of the detention amount if not provided during the initial claim, according to the company; if the amount is not provided by an interval specified by the carrier, escalations will be triggered to provide visibility to the pending revenue loss.

EBE says the submission of invoices into the Lean invoice Internet portal also is automated; the system compares the amounts of the invoices in the Lean site with the carrier’s accounting system, and if a discrepancy is identified, the transaction is placed in an exception queue and made available to customer service for review.

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