Hino’s emissions surcharge: $6,700

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Hino Trucks announced today, Sept. 1, that it will implement an emissions surcharge of $6,700 per vehicle to accommodate selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s tighter 2010 emissions regulations.

“Hino Trucks will be fully compliant in meeting the 2010 emissions regulations by using the proven technology of SCR,” says Glenn Ellis, vice president of marketing and dealer operations for Hino Trucks, based in Novi, Mich. “The ability to reduce emissions to near-zero levels while improving fuel economy distinguishes SCR as the only proven emissions control technology that is as good for business, as it is for the environment.”

SCR is an exhaust aftertreatment technology designed to reduce NOx from the exhaust by injecting diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) downstream of the engine. Hino says that DEF will be available through all 176 of its dealers, and that a coalition of industries — including truck manufacturers, truckstops, retail fueling stations, fuel distributors and DEF producers — will have established bulk DEF filling stations across North America.

“DEF will be readily available for our customers because most medium-duty trucks come back to a single domicile every night,” Ellis says. “We do not see the availability or the maintaining of the appropriate level of DEF in the trucks to be an issue.”

The company also has created a new website, www.hinoscr.com, that is dedicated to explaining how Hino has developed its technology to meet or exceed the 2010 guidelines and how it will affect Hino owners. A page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about SCR and DEF.

In addition to this informational site, Hino Trucks has scheduled a series of 2011 model-year launch events for its dealers beginning the first week in December. During these launch events, the company’s national dealer network will test-drive and learn about Hino’s new 2011 product strategy and technologies.