McLeod Software adds Driver Scorecard Module

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McLeod Software announced its newest module to assist LoadMaster IX Version 9.2 truckload carrier customers with driver measurement and management. Integrating with the product’s operations, safety/fuel and mobile communication components, the Driver Scorecard module can be used by safety and driver managers to evaluate drivers based on key performance indicators (KPIs) over specified time periods.

According to the company, Driver Scorecard provides carriers with a tool for systematically measuring and reporting on a host of driver activities recorded during various time periods. It can be used to help set driver pay rates, determine bonus payouts and adjust other components of their compensation package. Safety and driver managers can use the system to evaluate drivers’ performance based on predefined indicators, including revenue dollars, revenue miles, service failures, accidents, warning letters, traffic violations, OS & D (over, short and damage) claims and tenure. User-configurable KPIs also can be set up for monitoring unique activities determined critical for each operation, such as hard braking, log violations and failure to turn in required paperwork. Using a built-in custom import function, users also can add information from spreadsheets in a format to match the system’s structure.

Having Driver Scorecard functionality available through the LoadMaster system means safety or driver managers can, by viewing one screen, have access to pertinent data to effectively coach, praise or reprimand drivers during brief conversations soon after actions occur that need to be brought to their attention; the company says this instant access to specific day-to-day driver activity makes it easier for those overseeing drivers to stay on top of problems and address them quickly to improve performance effectively.

McLeod Software says three new reports are generated by the Driver Scorecard module:

  • The Driver Scorecard Report is designed to be sent to the driver manager through LoadMaster’s Report Scheduler. The report can be grouped by driver manager and sorted by driver scores from low to high, or vice versa, for quick identification of drivers needing additional attention or training;
  • Using charting options, such as pie or bar graphs, a driver manager can have the Driver Scorecard by Driver Report display for each driver his/her score for every KPI being monitored. Using this effective visual presentation, the manager easily can point out to drivers the total points available for a given activity compared to the number of points he/she received to encourage progress toward their goal; and
  • The Top Driver by Score Report can be used by management to compare driver scores period over period to better monitor historical performance improvement.
  • “We are pleased to offer an extremely useful tool like Driver Scorecard to our customers at a time when their ability to measure driver performance is more critical than ever in keeping their operation profitable,” says Tom McLeod, president and chief executive officer of McLeod Software, based in Birmingham, Ala. “Having the capability to reliably identify both their best and their underperforming drivers based on the company’s unique KPIs gives management increased control over this expensive and important aspect of their business.”