Thermo King launches cellular version of TracKing

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Thermo King announced the launch of the TracKing cellular Web-enabled temperature management system to complement the existing TracKing satellite system. TracKing is a wireless asset management system designed to provide the ability to real-time monitor and track untethered units in a fleet. Utilizing cellular, satellite and Internet technology, TracKing also has the ability to interact and control, according to the company; all of this is available on demand, from almost any location, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

TracKing is designed to provide the ability to monitor an entire fleet’s actual position and route history at regular intervals, or on demand; it is designed to provide the pertinent information needed to schedule, control and manage operations of any size, and improve overall asset utilization and fleet productivity.

According to the company, TracKing also provides added security; with its alarm and notification features, along with the mapping and dealer locator, TracKing can reduce losses and risks by ensuring that temperature-sensitive products are transported at the correct temperature. These risk reductions may even qualify for reduced insurance rates, Thermo King says, and food safety and freshness also are enhanced, driving greater customer satisfaction and greater profits for fleet owners.

TracKing cellular works best for local and regional distribution customers, and TracKing satellite is the choice for cross-country carriers and rail customers, according to the company; applications for both systems include frozen and fresh produce, meat, packaged foods, dairy, pharmaceutical products, flowers, ice and sensitive equipment and machinery.

Thermo King says TracKing allows for monitoring through a secure website where all data is available, eliminating the need for costly software; remote diagnostics on demand are provided, along with multiple reports to improve efficiency. Mapping of vehicle locations is available with both systems, and geofencing within the maps is available on the cellular system, along with the ability to monitor route history within a fleet at predetermined intervals or on demand, according to the company.

“The TracKing product line allows our customers to turn raw data into information to manage their assets,” says John Habermann, telematics product manager for Minneapolis-based Thermo King. “The net result is that we are enabling our customers to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.”