LoJack, NC4 form strategic partnership

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LoJack Supply Chain Integrity, developers of an integrated solution designed to reduce and manage risk throughout the supply chain, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with NC4, a provider of situational awareness tools designed to empower government and businesses with accurate, timely and secure information to manage uncertainty in the supply chain.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, LoJack Supply Chain Integrity will integrate NC4’s External Situational Awareness (ESA) incident monitoring service into its SC-ISAC, a government-sanctioned Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center. ESA will add focused, relevant incident alerts analyzed and reported by NC4’s Incident Monitoring Centers (NIMCs).

The companies say these alerts will provide a greater depth of customized information on incidents occurring in specific geographies pertinent to SC-ISAC members, and that this integrated solution will enable SC-ISAC members to achieve an even greater level of preparedness for disruptions in the supply chain such as fires, terrorist acts and natural disasters that are near their facilities and potentially could pose a threat to employee safety and disruptions to business operations.

“Our foremost priority at LoJack Supply Chain Integrity is to provide the most effective and robust solutions available so that our customers can minimize risks due to disruptions in the supply chain,” says Robert Furtado, president and chief executive officer of LoJack Supply Chain Integrity. “By combining the capabilities of our SC-ISAC with NC4’s ESA incident monitoring service, our members will receive the most comprehensive real-time — and now customized — information available about incidents relevant to their business to ensure the protection of their operations across the supply chain.”

NC4 says its Incident Monitoring Centers (NIMCs) provide 24×7 coverage of real-time global events monitoring transportation, weather, hazmat, law enforcement, fire, terrorism and other incidents that may have an effect on customers’ business operations. NC4 says the NIMCs leverage thousands of diverse information sources at the local, regional, national and international level and pass on alerts that its analysts have evaluated for potential business and safety impact.

“ESA is designed to provide near real-time, actionable and relevant information to stakeholders to help them evaluate and respond to a situation that may impact business continuity,” says Jim Montagnino, president and CEO of NC4. “This partnership emphasizes the focus by the SC-ISAC for providing customers with the right tools to minimize supply chain disruptions and mitigate corporate risk.”

LoJack Supply Chain Integrity says its SC-ISAC is the only source for information and analysis sanctioned by the government that helps the supply chain community and law enforcement agencies protect the supply chain from illegal and disruptive activities, such as theft, terrorism and natural disasters. The SC-ISAC is one of 11 existing ISACs that were instituted as part of a presidential decision directive under both the Clinton and Bush administrations to provide information critical for the safety of the infrastructure in the United States. Serving as the information sharing source, the SC-ISAC plays a vital role in bringing together cross industry organizations that contribute to the National Infrastructure Protection.