J.J. Keller develops ‘Driver Vehicle Inspections’ program

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J.J. Keller has developed Driver Vehicle Inspections: The Complete Process, a training program designed to get drivers into a career-long habit of properly conducting required inspections. The company says the program explains the critical importance of thorough inspections and provides an up-close look at the inspection process.

At the heart of the program is a 35-minute video that explains how to conduct an inspection, as well as the basic tools needed. The video also emphasizes the importance of the driver’s vehicle inspection report (DVIR) and the possible consequences of missed inspection points. According to J.J. Keller, the program can help drivers learn how to detect unsafe conditions before they can cause an accident, uncover mechanical problems before they lead to breakdowns, reduce overall maintenance costs and lower chances of vehicles being placed out of service during roadside inspections.

The program includes a special segment on intermodal chassis inspection. Under federal regulations, motor carriers, drivers and intermodal equipment providers are required to establish systematic inspection, maintenance and repair procedures for all intermodal equipment; compliance is required by Dec. 17. J.J. Keller says Driver Vehicle Inspections: The Complete Process includes critical information on inspecting intermodal chassis, including what to check during a pre-use inspection of an intermodal chassis, the importance of finding and documenting any chassis deficiencies/damage, and the need to complete a DVIR for an intermodal chassis when returning it to the intermodal equipment provider.

Along with a DVD, the program includes an instructor guide, 11 driver handbooks, an awareness poster and a trainer tools CD-ROM with two PowerPoint presentations (one for regular inspections and one for intermodal inspections), quizzes and answer keys, clip art, posters and a training log. For more information, go to www.jjkeller.com.