HEM Data debuts Dawn Mini-Logger

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Updated Apr 23, 2010

HEM Data displayed a family of data loggers at the recent Work Truck Show. The DAWN Mini Logger family contains compact, low-cost, data loggers to acquire OBD & CAN bus data from cars and trucks. GPS and a cellular modem are options. An analog model acquires a variety of inputs if you add your own sensors. Units work alone or together using USB, Wi-Fi, cellular or Bluetooth.

The J1939 Mini Logger is so compact that the logger fits within the J1939 connector. The OBD Mini Logger connects directly to the standard J1962 OBD connector and is ideal for cars and light trucks. By fitting directly onto the vehicle’s connector, installation is done in seconds.

HEM Data introduced the 8 channel ADAQ Mini Logger that acquires analog data. It includes signal conditioning that handles voltages, currents, counter/timers, and temperatures all within the compact logger. It also has signal conditioning to handle high voltages and currents for electrical and Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (PHEV) for both AC and DC power.

The GPS unit is connected to the OBD, J1939 or ADAQ Mini Logger via a serial port. GPS data is stored on the companion Mini Logger’s 2 GB Micro SD card. The GPS unit will work alone for those applications that only require GPS data. The unit has one analog input to measure a signal such as when certain truck equipment is on/off. It also has a temperature sensor. The unit can be located inside or outside of the vehicle and is waterproof. Real-time geofencing is an option.

Having separate units allows you to buy only what you need and to position the units in their ideal locations. For example, the ADAQ unit is typically located in the engine compartment or on the chassis while the other units are inside the vehicle.