ALK Technologies releases new version of CoPilot Live Truck

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ALK Technologies announced CoPilot Live Truck v8, a voice-guided GPS navigation software designed specifically for the truck industry.

CoPilot Live Truck calculates safe, reliable routes based on vehicle size and cargo type, helping professional drivers reduce wasted mileage, prevent costly bridge strikes and avoid unnecessary fines, the company says

Designed for hands-free operation, CoPilot Live Truck v8 runs on a range of GPS-enabled mobile devices, including Windows Mobile smartphones, rugged handhelds, laptops, iPhone and even iPad 3G. But unlike consumer navigation systems, it takes into account low bridges; height, weight and length limits as well as HAZMAT and other environmental restrictions.

Street-level ALK Digital Maps of the U.S. and Canada, enhanced with PC Miler truck-specific attributes, are stored on the device—so the system is not reliant on the mobile network for navigation, the company says.

Thousands of useful points of interest for professional drivers are preloaded including truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and CAT scales. Free quarterly MapSure map updates are included through December 2010, ensuring that drivers stay up-to- date with changes in the highway network.

Using customizable vehicle dimensions for height, length, width and weight, drivers can calculate the optimal route that is both safe and legal, to avoid costly fines and vehicle damage. On the road, drivers can choose from a range of clear, non-distracting 2D, 3D and driver safety guidance views, making it easy to follow the correct route.

Complex intersections are made simple with lane indicator arrows, real sign post information and ClearTurn reality view. And
CoPilot Live Truck v8 calculates routes that reflect how truck drivers are actually paid, using PC Miler miles, ALK says.

Up to 50 stops or waypoints can be entered into an individual itinerary with trip optimization to calculate the best route to take. Drivers can also create personal routing profiles to best suit their vehicle type.

In addition to navigation, CoPilot Live Truck v8 includes useful features that help drivers manage costs, including toll avoidance and a fuel cost estimator. State mileage logs can be generated to provide an accurate record for reporting, billing and tax calculation.

CoPilot Live Truck v8 will be available to purchase via, via the Apple app store and through selected CoPilot partners from May 2010.