Thermo King Launches Two New T-Series Truck Units with Reciprocating Compressors

Thermo King announced today the launch of the latest units in the all-new T-Series line of temperature control units for straight trucks: the T-600R and the T-800R. 

These new units feature Thermo King proven reciprocating compressor technology, which delivers several key customer benefits such as efficient operation and field-repairable design. T-Series units also include increased capacity over previous models, industry leading high ambient temperature operation and the TSR-2 control system with its leading diagnostic capabilities. 

In addition, the units feature fuel saving technology and a lower life cycle cost using the SmartPowerTM electric standby option, which cuts fuel use and emissions by allowing the unit to operate on electric power while at the dock. 

“All T-Series units are designed to address critical fleet issues like temperature management, fuel consumption and life cycle costs,” said Scott Bates, truck product manager at Thermo King. “The T-600R and T-800R deliver leading performance in these key areas.”

 The T-600R and T-800R are part of the complete line of T-Series units, which include the T-600, T-800 and T-1000 units with scroll compressors, the T-1000 SPECTRUM multi-temp unit, and the T-500R and T-1000R reciprocating compressor units, which will be launched later this year. Customers can see their local Thermo King dealer for more information on the entire T-Series lineup.