Tridako debuts two APUs

Tridako Energy Systems, makers of PowerCube APUs, has introduced a new unit and a smaller prototype designed for truckers with limited frame rail space and a desire to save weight. The larger unit is the HC5128 28-inch-wide design that offers 24,000 BTUs of air conditioning capacity, 30,000 BTUs of cab heat, 6,000 watts of 120V 60-Hertz AC power and 60 amps of 12V DC power; fuel consumption is rated at 0.165 gallons per hour, and the unit also is designed for easy maintenance access. The smaller design, with a 24-inch width, removes the AC generator and includes a 150-amp DC alternator that can provide hotel loads if the user installs a power converter.
Both units employ an 11.8 hp Cat two-cylinder diesel that runs at 2,800 rpm. The ThermoVap combination radiator/condenser design eliminates the need for a remote air conditioner condenser on the back of the cab. Cooling for both the engine radiator and the air conditioning condenser is provided by a single engine-driven fan with variable pitch blades to reduce its drag. The under-bunk evaporator unit features a 600 cfm blower to provide faster cooldown.