CSA scorecards available to truck drivers for free

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Updated Dec 10, 2010

Vigillo, creators of data mining software products designed to aggregate, organize and deliver complex fleet safety information in an easy-to-read scorecard format, announced that its free Roadside Resume scorecard for truck drivers will be available later this month. Roadside Resume will present Comprehensive Safety Analysis driver scores to enable truck drivers to see how they are rated under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new system of measuring, regulating and enforcing safe driving and operating practices.

“FMCSA does not have a mechanism that allows drivers to access their scores and see where they have safety deficiencies,” says Steve Bryan, chief executive officer of Vigillo. “Roadside Resume will provide that information in a free report at anytime to any driver holding a commercial driver’s license.”

Vigillo says its Roadside Resume driver scorecard will be based on three years of violation history and up to five current and past CDL numbers. The database will include information from carriers that are Vigillo CSA Scorecard subscribers or from the newly created category of Affiliate members of the Vigillo Network, companies that have elected to provide this service to their drivers by giving Vigillo access to their inspection data without paying to receive scorecards.

CSA is designed to score individual drivers on their safety performance based on a complex calculation that is derived from roadside inspections and associated violations. The performance of drivers may have an impact on the ability of a transportation company to secure freight from its customers, and Vigillo expects carriers to be focused on drivers who help and hurt their scores.

“For that reason, knowing CSA scores is critical for drivers,” Bryan says. “There is no other industry where employees are scored and not told how they measure up. For truck drivers, Roadside Resume will easily and effectively address that issue.” Drivers can sign up for a free copy of their Roadside Resume once it becomes available at www.vigillo.com/drivers.

Roadside Resume will be available from Vigillo in conjunction with the upcoming release of its PSP (Pre-employment Screening Program). FMCSA mandates that motor carriers monitor the safety performance of their current drivers under the new CSA methodology. Vigillo PSP is designed to use CSA data to allow fleets to perform the analysis when recruiting and hiring new drivers.