E Tip offers preheater kits

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E Tip Inc. announced the availability of its Universal Low Watt Density Preheater Kits for engines, transmissions, hydraulics, gear boxes, bulk oil tanks and reservoirs. The LWD Universal Preheater helps reduce the cold-start load on the engine electrical system, extending battery and starter life and reducing engine wear and tear. Suited for air-cooled engines, the unit converts the metal of the housing into a heat transfer element, eliminating burning the oil by exposing a large square-inch surface of oil to low-watt heat. There is no risk of engine or hydraulic oil or coolant leaks because no system is invaded.

Kit sizes are based on the 120V or 240V energy needed for the capacity of the housing. The flexible silicone/fiberglass heating pad mounts permanently to the outside of the housing using a permanent adhesive; no drilling or welding is required. A specialized flexible ceramic insulation is mounted on top of the preheater, keeping the electrical energy draw low.