Wix touts new filter

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Updated Jan 25, 2011

A new filter designed to double engine oil life was introduced by the Affinia Global Filtration Group and Wix Filters during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2011 at The Mirage in Las Vegas. The new product, ecoLast, is designed to slow acid releasing inside the filter and improve antioxidant and antiwear features in the oil for the life of the filter, the company says.

“This new technology represents a significant breakthrough in helping our customers reduce the operating costs of fleets while also supporting a more sustainable environment,” says Affinia President Keith Wilson.

According to Wix, the ecoLast filter is designed to capture dirt and soot like a traditional filter, but also features a new technology designed to sequester acids in the oil. By sequestering the acids, the ecoLast filter allows a heavy-duty truck to go further as far on a single change of oil.

The company says the new filter media was engineered to be the answer to the change from CI-4 to CJ-4 lubricants because CJ-4 oils contain fewer additives and therefore have reduced acid neutralization capability. Wix says the new filters are the same size as standard filters and have the same functionality.