Spicer Life Series heavy-duty u-joints debut at TMC

Updated Feb 9, 2011

Dana Holding Corporation has introduced a line of permanently lubricated, heavy-duty u-joints. According to Tom DeHaven, senior product manager for Dana’s Commercial Vehicle Products Group, the new u-joints will help fleets reduce maintenance costs over the life of a vehicle’s driveline.

The new SPL-250 and SPL-170 are designed for main and tandem-drive inter-axle driveshaft applications. According to DeHaven, the design was born in Europe over 13 years ago. “Dana has equipped more than four million trucks around the globe with our service-free u-joint technology.”

Dana has beefed up the performance and durability of its entire line of SPL heavy-duty u-joints to coincide with the introduction of the SPL-250 and SPL-170. Enhancements include a new bearing package with larger needle bearing for increased capacity, a Viton synthetic seal for improved grease retention and a thermoplastic seal guard to better protect against grease contamination.

The new SPL u-joints will be available to all heavy-duty truck OEMs beginning in March, 2011. Warranty coverage of up to four years or 400,000 miles is available for linehaul applications.