Dana battery cooling technology featured on Chevrolet Volt

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Dana Holding Corp. announced Wednesday, Feb. 9, that it is supplying Long internal battery cell coolers on the first advanced lithium-ion battery for a mass-marketed electric vehicle – General Motors’ 2011 Chevrolet Volt.

The battery cooling technology, which is new to the automotive market, is designed to prevent the Volt’s lithium-ion battery from overheating by enabling efficient heat transfer between the battery pack’s 200-plus cells; this occurs as battery coolant circulates around individual plates located between the cells. In colder climates, the plates also can generate higher cell temperatures to create an optimal operating environment.

“As a leader in thermal technologies, Dana is eager to apply its expertise to the emerging electric vehicle market,” says Marty Bryant, Dana president of Light Vehicle Products and Operational Excellence. “Working in partnership with General Motors, we were able to create a custom solution fitted to the unique needs of this advanced battery.”

Dana says its battery cell cooling technology is manufactured using a proprietary nickel-brazing process that provides improved battery system durability. Made of lightweight aluminum, the cooling plates offer improved energy efficiency and are recyclable. GM has said that the Volt’s battery is covered by an eight-year 100,000-mile warranty.

“Both legislation and consumer demand are furthering the advancement of hybrid and electric powertrains daily,” says Ted Zielinski, director of advanced thermal engineering for the Dana Power Technologies Group. “We look forward to strengthening longstanding relationships with automakers such as General Motors to develop and implement the components that ensure their success in today’s marketplace.”